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Greetings from Santa Cruz.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sinister, May 21, 2003.

  1. Well I finally made it here and got myself moved in and start my new job in 2 hours. I miss checking out grasscity while stoned but now I can do it once again! The weather out here is absolutely perfect and the bud quality and good price makes this place paradise compared to virginia.

    Well shit has anyone ever used one of those 'keep frozen' bongs? they are made out of this thermos kinda steel that keepts it very cold for good hits. Im getting one next pay day, 70 bucks down here.

    Toke toke toke


    alright i guess thats all i wanted to say, if anyone was curious to how my moving decision turned out.

    So if your near santa cruz or san jose give me a shout and maybe we can get together.

  2. i went to santa cruz at the end of second grade with my grandparents. i loved it so much! lots of the streets were foggy, and i love fishermans warf. theres also a cool amusement park there, i dont remember what its called but very awesome. have fun man


  3. yea I have been there, and I have went to that amuesment park too, cant rememberd what it is called though..... anyways glad u made it safe and happy tokin sinister! good luck with your new life!
  4. cool that you're in Santa Cruz. I'm right across the bay in Monterey. Going back home in a couple weeks though.
  5. its called the SC beach boardwalk. it was neat for a little bit and pretty cool when you are younger, but when you go later on its sorta run down and pretty depressing. If you want a better amusement park id go to Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara which is pretty damn close by. Im in san jose so im right between em both.
  6. laser tag at the boardwalk blazed is chill but besides that like Furious said it's kinda shitty. 831 all day though
  7. you just resurrected an 8 year old thread

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