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  1. I'm not actually Finnish; I left the US in 2018 to be here in Finland with my wife after dating for five years and getting sick of the air travel and horrendous TSA experiences. Don't ask me where I hail from in the States, because as far as I'm concerned, that place was just where I happened to be born. I have no pride, and my years there get hazier with each passing hour. Moving abroad was the easiest thing I ever did to make my life instantaneously better and healthier, and it made losing friendships over politics so much smoother.

    I've been reading these forums for years and finally decided to make an account. I'm just a 29-year-old guy observing the worst of humanity in action, and being really stoned in the process. I use a Mighty (occasionally the hybrid Volcano) and vape whatever indica happens to be out there. I could not imagine ever lighting up a joint or a pipe again.

    Thank you for having me.
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  2. Welcome to GC
  3. Tervetuloa and does she have a sister? I'm ready to bail. Ei paskaa.
  4. Pervo. JK. She has a brother, but he's married to his job.
  5. How is the situation with availability and prices at the moment? Have the prices gone up due to the travel restrictions?
  6. Prices haven't moved, but people scam you a bit more often since COVID took over. I've been shorted more than a gram several times. Availability also hasn't changed much, either. Such a stupid government though. People are such hopeless drunks that they literally cram into a ferry during a pandemic to go get cheaper booze, but it's weed that's illegal.
  7. Welcome to GC :smoke:

    Always stoked to meet a fellow "moved abroad for betterment" club member. Glad it's worked out so well for you and the Mrs.
  8. Totally agree with this :)

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