Greetings from Chi missing my beloved Amsterdam!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lostinchi, May 2, 2011.

  1. Just returned last week from Amsterdam where the streets are joyous and carefree... People are relaxed and friendly... Back in Chi where no menus to pick from and no liberties to be..

    Smell the aromas of bud where I live but too conversative to go up to my neighbor and ask where did you get that aromatic dank!

    Miss the freedom of my beloved city yet wonder with all the aromas floating around in Rogers Park how does one just ask a neighbor.... Wanna chill together...

    Afterall in a city where bud is still on the chopping blocks of the legal system figuring out what is good and what is bad based on their perceptions of right from wrong.. We are such children that we are not able to make those decisions for ourselves... :rolleyes:

    I wonder in this century if the thoughts are so puritanical... Whom are they really trying to prove or convince ??? I wonder.... :confused:

    Moved to Chi from Cali and miss the freedom and access...

    Lost in Chi.. :wave:
  2. :wave:Welcome to GC, hope you find a hookup soon!:smoke:
  3. Thanks Mate! In the meanwhile... Enjoy a drag for me!

    Cheers... :hello::smoke:
  4. Believe I will:smoke:

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  5. Welcome to the city! Take a minute to read over the posting guidelines, because a clean forum is a happy forum :)

    I'm going to assume Chi means China? Wow, what a culture shock! Going from Cali, to Amsterdam, to China sounds like quite the adventure to me, and I'd love to travel to any of those places (wait I'm already in Cali, haha.)
  6. I think he means Chicago... I'm a Dutch person myself and I know that haha
  7. Wow.

    I failed pretty hard there. Damn.
  8. Things like that tend to happen on a forum full of stoners. :D
  9. You are correct Cash, I am a gal from the Windy City Chicago! :)
  10. This is not a test that you can fail in Sproggs! All is good! Thanks for the advice Mate... I did read up on the guides...

    As for me I have the bug! You could say I am a lifer...

  11. Thanks again for a smokin .. welcome to GC... :)
  12. Sorry for referring to you as 'he'.
    I went to Amsterdam 2 days ago for a huge party... the whole inner city was flooded with people, took me an hour to get from the central station to Museumplein.
  13. Hi everyone,
    I just want to introduce myself.
    I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members.
    Hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge. My hobies include love animals, watching movies,playing game, listening music & making friendz.
    Nice to meet you.
  14. I can believe that! Tis the season to be in Amsterdam... I can't wait until I get back there... Coming down for the Sensation Party in July and probably sooner if I can get away!
  15. Nice to meet you! Cheers...
  16. Have fun and I hope you get good weather while you're out here.

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