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  1. Hello everyone, just figured I would introduce my self! Call me Skippy. I’m from Canada and have decided to start growing my own Cannabis since it became legal last year! I’ve grown a variety of plants from Avacados to Lemon trees, so I figured I’d give cannabis a try!

    I started a growing journal today even though Becky has been growing for just over a month now. I’ve kept pictures and details of everything I’ve done up until this point.

    I hope to meet many people here and get some knowledge of the subject. I’ve done tons of research and hope I can broaden my Cannabis growing horizons in the future! Feel free to compliment or even criticize what ever I am doing during my grow.

    So far everyone has been very welcoming and I hope to get to know you all!


    PS. Happy smoking and growing!

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  2. Hey @SkippyRebooted!
    Welcome, from the legal state of Nevada.
    It’s gotta be pretty cool living in a legal country.
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  3. Well to be honest in the 35 years I’ve been alive I didn’t even try cannabis until a month after it was legal. I’ve never been against it but I’ve also never had a reason to use it. For the last 5 years I’ve suffered from PTSD and some one recommended I tried a high CBD strain. I did and wow what a difference it’s made when my anxiety is high! It’s great it’s been legalized though as it’s been easier for the crack down on the hard stuff like cocaine and heroine in the country! That shit needs to get off the streets! Cannabis in my eyes is a great natural medicine and if it helps people then I say let them smoke and relax! Thanks for the warm welcome bruh!
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  4. Welcome Skippy, I’m impressed with your outlook and glad that you joined. This site is full of informative discussion and resources. I’ll be checking out that journal. :watching:
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  5. Welcome :wave:
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  6. 91F7587E-A79A-4557-9D57-02A784DFD513.jpeg
    Thanks my friend! Like I said any criticism or encouragement is appreciated. I just tied down a bunch of the new growth sites for some LST! Figured she would need more light in those areas! I look forward to comments on the grow journal!
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  7. Awesome bruh, welcome. Southeastern Ontario here to help ya along.

    Sent from my screen to yours!
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