Greetings from Atlanta

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  1. Hey people,

    I just moved to Atlanta and am in the process of making new friends all over again. I find that stoners are generally pretty fun to hang out with online or offline and welcome any correspondence!
  2. welcome to the city. enjoy your stay
  3. I just moved to Atlanta too, about 2 months ago. What part are you in? I'm in Smyrna
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    Just moved to Atlanta as well going to Ga State. New to this site as well. Good luck. ill smoke you out for a hookup pm me.
  5. wasup dudes, I go to Ga State too, we all need to chill:smoke:
  6. I'm in the Sandy Springs area, and I like to spend my free time taking bong rips and playing video games among other things. I've got two jobs though, so I don't get to enjoy much free time, but would definitely enjoy some company in the event I do.

  7. Hook me up with a job bro!!
  8. If you don't mind working from home for low to moderate pay, then hit me up with a PM.
  9. Yea, im from Stone Mountain. But I'm at Tuskegee for school, thanksgiving week im coming home so we all should def. hook up and have a dope ass session.
  10. Welcome to the ATL. I go to Tech myself.

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