Greetings from Arizona!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Player2, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, what's up? I just finished eating my apple pipe right about now, and I feel pretty good. I was born in California but I've been living here in Arizona for the last 12 years. I like smoking and chilling with friends, although smoking alone is really awesome too. I started smoking pretty recently (just a little bit over a year now).
    I play video games such as The Sims, Skyrim, GTAIV, Gran Turismo, or whatever good games I got on my ps2.
    I also like drawing and recently got into music. I've recently began teaching myself how to play guitar and keyboard and drums. I am also making music on FL Studio on my PC.

    Just wanted to say hi. What is everyone else up to?
  2. welcome, Hey you seem like a nice guy I just joined as well and I am a gamer too, my favorite music is dubstep btw.
  3. Cool. I haven't really listened to much dubstep myself, but what I've¿ heard so far I like. What games do you play? I started playing Red Dead Redemption a lot myself. Do u have a Ps3?

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