Greetings from afar!

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  1. Hey everyone. Been meaning to sign up on a good cannabis forum for a while so here we finally are

    Been misusing cannabis products for decades and until recently when I realized I needed to take better care of myself and my wellbeing, cannabis has been getting me to be able to get my best life back... Unfortunately I can't talk about and you never heard about it

    I'm called Maos by those who can't pronounce my name so let that be it. Looking forward to joining you in the adventure ✌️
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  2. Hello. i check in here and there. Nice to meet you!
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  3. N/M Forgot To Quote.

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  4. Hi Maos I Like Your Name. Welcome To GC. I Hope You Stay Around Here It Isa Great Forum. My Name Is Tonika But I Go By Toni Or Dizzy Too. Much Respect To You!

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  5. Thanks guys for the warm welcome
    It may sound stupid in a country where you're still a criminal but I'm hoping that the tiny community I've created around my oils, ointments, baked goods and professionally grown flowers, may grow to be something that may push things along.

    Then I do all kinds of cannabis products for myself like hash or dab or even ice cream ☺️ I'm kind of new to more than just smoking so I don't know everything I WANT to know and hopefully that's gonna change here.

    Ok stop ranting
    Cheers from "The Holy Land". Where nature is sacred, not criminal!
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  6. The holy land? Are you in Jerusalem?

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  7. Ahh shi* I didn't say that the small community I'm trying to build is called "The Holy Land" (my profile picture is the idea behind the logo but I'm no graphics designer) and I'm hoping some day it might become a legal business but a man cam fantasize

    Just started this thing last month so it's a project in its infancy and may never become close to the idea and goal I have in mind but for now I give away small samples of skin cream when I can afford to make some and the philosophy is stolen from Rick S, decrim nature, Rastafari and more so it's nothing original.

    I watched my mother go from working like a horse every day for decades and then she lost her health to rheumatoid arthritis and other painful issues I don't know what are called in English (spine joints collapsing together) and after putting her through hell with my insane bullshit over the years, all related to NARCOTICS which hemp used to be a part of in her mind, I was able to learn to make oil and introduce to her quite sceptical at first. We have never been closer since she found out it's not just for teenagers going to concerts but a real medicine...

    Rant off ☺️
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  8. I think it sounds like good things ! Both your dream about a community and you helping your mother.

    A community gotta start somewhere and like a plant will grow over time.

    Sounds like good use of time pursuing those things. I like it.
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  9. Thank you so much for your kind words ☺️
    I've been a "criminal" all my life so why not meth, coke, heroin etcetera? If we'd had the correct information about both cannabis and psychedelics I think my whole life would have turned out completely differently, so now I want to spread the word on what has helped me regain my life. I tried AA and NA with success in life but the narcissism grew each day and that all ended in mental health diagnosis and huge amounts of pharmaceutical poisons, which I have been able to get off of some with the help of healthy organic ways. There is a balance there in between I think I have found and still adjusting. Want from 9 pills day to 5 so got rid of the opioid drug that mostly just made me itchy and the arthritis medicine which gave me kidney pains and reduced anxiety medication so I seem to be doing something right.

    I've found that the skin cream I do is great to open the minds of older people to the idea that the plant is actually a healing plant. Not the devils weed that makes sex lunatics and destroys families... That's the thought many people here still have but even "Babylon" doesn't take cannabis that seriously anymore except most people who sell also sell chemical poisons and are not trying to keep any standard towards healing, just make money and we need to separate those substances from the genuine narcotics...

    Just my strong opinion
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  10. Howdy and welcome!
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  11. Your nickname suggests I be your best friend now
    I've had back problems since I was a teenager and 2 bad car accidents and a few "minor" motorbike accidents my back is a source of a lot of my mood and sleeplessness!

    There aren't a lot of strains in circulation in a country this small but I alway take variety every month so any suggestions I could keep in mind?
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    I'm a noob here. I am honored to be a part of that club. I'm working on a university project named ranboo merch shop. If you're interested, you can support me.
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  13. Welcome mate ✌️ would love to hear more about your project. Wish I could support you (and a lot of good causes) but can barely support myself

    Haven't been here as much as I'd want but it's a great place for like minded people

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