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    Hey all! I'm a new grower, and one of the outside variety only. I have done gardening of my own in the past, now I plan on applying the skills to the art of cultivating fine green herb. My current outdoor grow plan is pretty solid I think but one can always use good advice from those that know best! For starters, I plan on growing Australian Blue and Medijuana, then crossing a male medijuana with a female Aussie Blue and seeing what happens. If anyone has already done this cross, tell me if it turned out ok! I live at roughly 40 degrees N latitude, so my grow season isn't perfect for pot, but I think I can make it work. The soil I have to work with is beautifully dark, already grown with lush vegetation, so I can hide the plants well. A mountain fed creek is about 50 feet away. This is all in a nice half acre clearing in the middle of dense forest that is already sitting well inside 60 acres of family owned land (its posted against trespassing too). I have all my gardening tools at my disposal, and know the drill pretty well when it comes to harvest time (look for cloudy trichomes on the sativa, and amber on the indica for best harvest). I know, intellectually if not via experience, the basics about outdoor growing. I know how to germinate the seeds, know which ones are viable, how to transplant them into the soil once sprouted, all that jazz. There are two things that I have not come across in my readings that trouble me. First question: tilling the ground itself. For security reasons, I realize I shouldn't use my trusty rotatiller, as it makes the ground too obvious from the air. That being said, how do I prepare the soil without it? The surrounding tall grasses might choke out my budding buddies if they arent tilled under I would think, so suggestions on that. Secondly, this question is about cross-breeding. I want exactly one male Medijuana to reach the point of pollination, but I dont want it to pollinate more than one branch of a female Aussie Blue. I know I can use a big Ziploc bag to collect the pollen from the male then shake it over the branch on the female. But in order to do this, the male must obviously be making pollen. How do I prevent that pollen from reaching the fertile females before I get the chance to control it? Do I just chop off all the male buds save one, and keep it covered at all times? I have no clue, so some light on that will be wonderful. Happy growing to all!
  2. Welcome to the City! We have a nice growers section if you ever need help and such. By the way a fair majority of this website is American! :) The site is registered in Amsterdam though!
  3. Well thanks for saying hello to me! I shall re-post my question in a better place, perhaps the outdoor growers section. My fault - newbie mistake!!!

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