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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Antonio and I'm newbie in growing marijuana. I've just only read a bit about growing them and I haven't found the source for them yet but I'm planning to get one soon. Currently I'm staying in Vietnam for 2 months and probably leave soon so I guess learning as much as possible is necessary.
    In Vietnam it seems marijuana is banned (I don't know the exact reason), but funny enough, people in here, especially bar, still use marijuana like normal. It seems it's mostly in black market but so far, I haven't seen any action from authority so I supposed as long as people keep it quiet, using marijuana here (or even growing, in secret of course) isn't a problem. I may try to ask for the sources, but that will be the story for another day.
  2. You're going to need more than 2 months to grow a plant start to finishing. It takes roughly 8 weeks of just flowering to get bud finished. You're cutting out a whole vegging period my friend, if study and buy equipment for for, BUT SHIP THE EQUIPMENT TO YOUR HOME! Don't travel with it haha. So buy online if you can.

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  3. Also welcome to the great city.

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  4. I've asked my friend (currently we're sharing our apartment) and I think he will like that XD.

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