greetings and salutations from NYC!!!

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  1. Hi there! I am sorta new to this site....i have been using it for years for the knowledge the users have, so i finally decided to join....i love purples!!! i am also female, in my 30's and i am trying to start a movement for people that aren't ashamed to say they smoke...the sooner we can take the "stoner" image and change it to show the world that image isn't who smokers are and to educate everyone on the uses of weed and hemp only THEN can we stop the prohibition of marijuana!! :wave:
  2. :hello::hello:woooo:hello::hello::hello:

    welcome to grasscity, fellow nyc-er
  3. yea NYC here! Welcome to GC!! I'm not ashamed to say i'm a stoner, but I am afraid of the consequences of admitting it :(

    what part do you hail from? its nice to see more females on this site, we're vastly outnumbered
  4. Hi NYC!!
    My name is Andre.
    Tell me how you live in an era of crisis. Many at this time as I have great difficulties with the work. I am interested in working in the Internet.
    Share your experiences.

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