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  1. Hey all.

    I'm pretty new to this community and I just wanted to post my introduction. I'm from Antioch, Illinois and I love cannabis. It helps me deal with anxiety, depression, and other things to help me feel much better.

    My username here is "FiveJoints" because this goes back a little bit to an old story. When I was brand new to cannabis, my introduction to cannabis was actually a friends house at night while we were all having a camp fire. In total, there were 5 total people around the camp fire and my friend asked everyone if they wanted a joint. Knowing I never actually smoked cannabis, I didn't want to say no for an answer, because I knew I wanted to try it eventually, but just never had the opportunity. I took advantage and said yes. We all lit up our joints and smoked away all five joints into the dark night with a nice warm camp fire. This was actually my first time smoking the ganja so "FiveJoints" represents the first first time I ever consumed was with a bunch of friends and there were 5 total joints. I know it sounds a little corny, but it has value to me so I guess that all that matters.

    Anyways, Illinois has recently just passed the bill to fully legalize marijuana to those who are 21 and up and I'm very excited and I cannot wait January 2020!

    I'm hoping I can meet some cool people on here and get some ideas along the way.
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  2. What ideas? Growing? etc..
  3. Welcome :wave:

    The city is wonderful
  4. Anything interesting. I'm always open to new ideas such as innovation in growing, smoking, and pretty much anything that falls in between.
  5. Thanks for the response!
    Glad to be apart of the city!
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  6. a lot here. pick to your fancy
  7. Welcome FiveJoints and congrats on your state taking the step forward. There is a pretty good discussion going in the News/Legal thread. There is plenty of info and helpful folks here and if I can say it, the best Organic forum on the web if you are interested. Glad to have you.:GettingStoned:

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  9. Thank you for the response, and I very much appreciate your diligence :)
  10. Welcome! As a Wisconsin resident living near the Illinois border, I'm also stoked

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