Greeting from Cali

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by puffs, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. whatup peeps...Im a brother from Cali, just sending my salutations to my irie livin nation

    keep it blazin

  2. Cali up in here too....North County San Diego.......
  3. no doubt bro...strong beach up in this bitch!
  4. What up. Cali boy here too. Here to represent the Central San Jaoquin Valley. I am a first time grower but only for personal use. I know, I know... I'm stingy.
  5. So a west coaster ehh. Sporting the cali tan im sure. All i have to say is traffic sux. :)

    im stingy to but i still shared just a little.
  6. Hell yeah it does...And the way people drive around here doesn't help much either...The only way i deal with it is to lite up right after work, sit back and cruise home...If I was an elected official, that would be my solution for alleviating traffic...

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