Greeting from buffalo ny

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Crystalfaerie, May 13, 2010.

  1. I'll keep it simple My name is Crystal I'm 19 I'm a musician
    And I love my bong <3:hello:
  2. im from buffalo but i live in brockport now
    how you smokin?

  3. smoking just fine ^_^
    as always me and my bong chillin and enjoying some music and some 360

  4. im from south buffalo what area ya from?
  5. Bdubsblo running shit from Harlem & Kensington all the way to Smith and Peckham Eastsidawaga all day ereyday.
  6. I also love my bong :)
    my bong is named Jonquil, it means "When I Desire, Your affection Is returned"

    does your's have a name?
  7. B-lo represent!
  8. hows that bud in buffalo? im from upstate ny near rochester
  9. I am from love joy :)
  10. the bud here is not to bad :)
    If you have connects then you can get some amazing stuff.
  11. My bongs name is red thunder
    Its a tiny little red plastic bong.
    But is packs a punch !
  12. whats your gamertag?
  13. im close, around where ?
  14. LookPolish
    And I live In lovejoy (Near south buffalo )
  15. I live in tonawanda. I just moved out here and don't know anybody. I was living in north Collins pretty close to lovely.
  16. thats cool i have some friends out there though they hate it lol
    im going to send you xbox live request so we can play
  17. Hello from Grand Island!
  18. Hi from Lewiston!
  19. well nifty :D
    If ever your in lovejoy fell free to drop me a line.
  20. Awesome I will add you :)
    Then we can play some stuff.

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