Greeting from a "Mile high state"...

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    Of mind and body... Hey Blades nice site! Friendly in most parts ;) I have been growing and smoking on and off for the last 28 years... Right now I'm running 18 plants in varies stages of growth. Ebb-n-gro,flood table, dirt, aero cloner, DWC,bubbleponics...I will get into how badass my set up is in future posts... 2 rooms, 3 closets all built by me :hello: 150 can fan filter 14" exhaust T-5s,400,600 HPS,MH light movers yadayadayada nute AN,foxfarms,dyna grow,botiana care,techna flora... You will see most of it in action! Can I upload pics straight from my puter down sized to how many k? if it's possible? I'm running 2 strain's right now Jack's cleaner2, and a strain I call Alein8... Sitting on a half elbow after taking care of my patient's need's :smoking: Still have a monster hanging in the closet I need to trim... Oh scissor hash I love it ;) 2 day's she will be ready... Sugar leaves and trim kick ass 4 one pound baggies full of trim in the freezer bubble-bags kick ass... Smoking on some lemon skunk right now it tasty:p Hey peace out! :wave:
  2. wow dude that sounds awsum
  3. cool, i live in tx and have burned like a disco inferno for 30 yrs. lets talk again about cannabis as i am starting a new strain myself,bigfatfunlog
  4. Hey man. Welcome to the City!

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