Greese Bomb Tacos - Not Healthy.

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  1. I cant find a place to put a recipe for these, they are not exactly healthy.. in fact anything but hence the name.. suggested to eat so many your gut feels like it is going to explode.. but only once a year.

    What you need.

    A pound or so of ground beef, more or less depending.

    Kraft American Deluxe Brick Cheese Loaf - It HAS to be Kraft american bricked loaf..and its not cheap. It is $13 a loaf, its actually pretty high quality american (not high quality cheese) lol


    1 Can of Ortega dice chili's and jalapenos.. temp your choice, i go medium/hot

    A package of corn tortillas

    A pan and frying oil.. your choice.. I use a lite oil i get at the health foods store forget the name.

    Cook the grown beaf in a pan, once it it is browned, drain it, put it back in the skillet with the chilis and jalapenos. Cook another 2-3 minutes.

    Now take that cheese and cut the entire loaf into little cubes, take the beef and cheese put into a big pot and let the cheese melt all around the meat and keep stirring.

    Pre fry your shells ie get a bunch out and light coat them in oil and heat so you can fold them. Once meat and cheese is all melted pack your shells make your tacos and fry them like you normally would on the stovetop until they are cooked.

    Let em cool down.

    These things are awesome IMO BUT they are not exactly healthy lol. Some people might not like things like this i understand but others will.

    Its been a staple in my family ever since I was a little kid.
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  2. Haha sounds pretty good man. I'd probably use my own chilis and jalapenos and add some tomato and cilantro. Maybe some queso fresco...

    But yea frying tacos can be kinda tricky
  3. soudns dank my friend!
  4. You could use lean ground turkey or chicken and also use reduced fat cheese and whole grain tortillas to make it really healthy (as long as you don't overeat like I would probably to... tacos are damn good).
  5. you sir, are on to something!
  6. Yah, sounds bomb, omnomnom. :p

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