greenthumb i am not.

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  1. I germed some bag seeds and planted them in ph tested soil. And it has been about 48 hours. And i only have one sprout. Does it usually take longer or do i just fail at growing?
  2. depends on the soil you used. If you used soil with alot of pieces of bark/wood, than it could be stuck under a piece
  3. Its pretty lose nice organic soil with not much else but dirt.
  4. rrrrrmmmm more like impatient you are... Let nature do its work it must, patience you must have young one
  5. Indeed have a little patience!
  6. I have one more sprout i think i did not have enough sun light so im going to doo a litlle tree trimming and clearing out a more open spot and starting over but im going to be planting in the same area ass my two sprouts. Wish me luck. Btw thanks guys for contributing to the forums.:smoking:

  7. why start over so soon? do some clearing to provide more sunlight, but if you wait another 48hrs you will most likely have more sprouts. These things arent magic where they all sprout the same time instantly after you plant....

    Patience young jedi :D

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