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greenterror's Micro cardboard box grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by greenterror, May 17, 2010.

  1. not sure yet ill let you know when I find out lol.

    Picked up a 42w today! will use a 23w+42w for ~5000 lumens. Store didn't have any good soil, in fact walmart didn't even have above a 23w bulb so I had to go somewhere else. I regret not buying another roll of silver duct tape, that stuff really seems to reflect well.

    So my plants are currently deadish and I was wondering if I should start from scratch or attempt to revive them. How does fresh dirt compare to potting soil?

    Gonna go eat some firecrackers, hopefully will have the lights remounted tomorrow.
  2. A clear container will be very bad for your roots as they get exposed to light. You should cover those pots with something like a heavy tape or paint them.
  3. I would quit the whole tiny cardboard box idea...plant isnt getting enough fresh air to grow. Also i wouldnt use anything clear for a container (light kills the roots). Also getting some perlite and a real growing medium will speed thing up.

    Your current box is just to hot for those to grow properly the highest i would get those temps are 84...anything over that is slowing things down. Make a real box and get at least 4 computer fans and wire them up to like a cell phone charger:p
  4. roflmfbo, this is comedy central please give us more , 1 suggestion for the love of pete take some ones advice thats why your here at least i would think any how you have changed your design so many times just listen to some folks on here they will not steer you wrong. i mean is just lift off of a seedling considered a grow?
  5. This grow has literally everything wrong with it. Cab, light, soil, pots, space, heat, etc are ALL in bad shape. Scratch it dude and get stuff that will give you a chance to succeed
  6. I have a grow very similar to this one. Wait a few mintues till I post my setup!
  7. My thoughts as well.
  8. Cardboard aint a great idea, but based on your circumstances i'd give it a shot. The soil composition needs to be re-thought though as it aint gonna work.

    Good luck dude and i'll be following you from here on out!
  9. Come baaaaaack greenterror!!! I wanna see more cardboard box grows!

  10. oh do you now?



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  11. Card board has to be one of the best materials to work with when building micro stealth grows, its really cheap and easy to work with & easy cut into the right size. It can be made fireproof quite easily (there is an spray you can buy and spray the card board with witch makes it fireproof), you can also cover the card board in alu-tape that dosent catch fire witch protects the card board under the tape. As long as you have proper ventilation and using CFL lights you dont rly have to worry about fire since there isnt rly any risk of card board catching fire from a well ventilated cfl.

    A friend is currently building a micro card board grow witch he will have behind an armchair in his room, gonna be fun to se how it will work out. It will mesure about 20" high and he will have about 100 watts of cfl in a homemade cooltube with separate ventilation to keep the temperature down, i might build one myself if it works out for him!
  12. where cn i find this mysterious 'fire proof' spray? i would like to coat my hole house in that shit. and all my tents and camping equip.

    imagine campin in the need to dig a coal pit to lay on top of....just fuckin fire proof spray ur tent and slap it down on that camp fire baby!

    you could even swim in a volcano!

    ur siittin on a gold mine trebeck!
  13. Its a product sold at a store called "biltema" in sweden, Brandvakten - Biltema . There is no english description tho, try google translate if you want to read. Dont know if its sold at other stores arround the world with other names but probably not too hard to find if you can get it in sweden.
  14. Probably a borax product... Borax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Far from "mysterious"...

  15. never have i ever known borax was flame retardent! interesting stuff

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