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greenterror's Micro cardboard box grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by greenterror, May 17, 2010.

  1. I have never heard of anyone going 12/12 from seed. No clue how that will work for you, but I would think if it was a good idea, or even a reasonable, or not bad idea, I would have heard of it, but IDK.

    I have heard they start to stress at 80. But people will tell you that you are fine that hot, I keep mine around 75 and if I had the means I would keep them at 68.
  2. I definitely wouldn't try and totally reinvent the wheel. Tap water is sufficient, Fish water may be good but may as well cause unknown contaminates or insects/fungi. 12/12 light may work with a lowryder strain from seed but would most likely lead to poor root development and a plant lacking the tools to develop mature buds if using bag seed.
    Your situation ideally fits one who may benefit from using an auto-flowering strain due to your time and size constraints.
  3. The fish water idea was just from reading around I thought I found a place that supported the idea but I cant remember.

    My box leveled around 85 degrees and actually runs cooler when closed than open.

    Both seeds planted yesterday are sprouting, I added one today.

    My high unsecure setup in my box.

    MJ 1

    MJ 2

    I'm already surprised with the results and am proud to make it past germination let alone sprouting them. I'm running a 24 hour light cycle by the way. When should I stop the 24 hours of light?

    By the way, I saw little bugs inside the soil. It was outside when I got it. I'm not sure what kind of bugs they are, but should this be a concern for me yet or is it normal to have bugs in soil.

    Edit: I think they are spider mites. :/
  4. anytime you use soil from outside you should bake it in the oven for an hour at 250f. it will smell like bad but it kills the bugs and other pathogens such as fungus and mold.
  5. I'm going to be moving my plants into a new and improved box. It has more room to grow (17.5" tall instead of 12") and blocks light from escaping better. Unfortunately I don't have any more shiny duct tape which I think worked pretty good.

    One of the bulbs burned out (maybe from running 24/7?) so I need to get a replacement.

    I'll try to get pics later today.
  6. dude do get a rubbermaid container they are $6 and change adn are a LOT bigger and safer. also your will need more lights. Im growing in a 20 gallo rubbermaid with 4x cfl's check it out in my sig and you will see how it looks.
  7. i use drywall for boxes and cut 2x4s to 1x2s and use them to screw in at the corners. cheap and it works great and it is easy to install light or fan fixtures in
  8. I'm going to use 3 of these 24 oz containers when the plants get slightly bigger.

    I considered a rubbermaid container but I don't think it would make a huge difference except that I already have boxes. If I was using an HPS bulb then it would probably be stupid to use a cardboard box, but CFL's don't get hot enough to ignite it. If I start another grow, I might use a rubbermaid.

    One of my plants looks pretty bad, stretched and tiny leaves. I'm not sure if it'll get better or why it is like that.

    DAY 3:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Well this morning I found my CFL bulb laying right over one of my plants, and the plant was shriveled/dry. But I do not think the CFL is what caused it because my box's temp was around 95*F. I finally fixed it, the fan couldn't blow any air because the box was too air tight.

    I made an intake hole and now air is flowing through much better. Hopefully the plant will recover fine. One seed started to root but seemed to have just died so I am now left with 2 plants. The stretched plant is however looking better.
  10. DAY 5:

    No closeups because these poor things look horrible. I put them in larger pots and added a light. It's a 27 watt CFL. I wish I had more reflective duct tape, it really made the box seem brighter.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    How often should I water these plants in the larger pots?
  11. It seems you don't really have enough light. I'd put another CFL or two in there.
  12. I should have about 3000 lumens in the box. but I think this grow is going to fail. they don't look too good :(
  13. imo if you dont burn your house down it is a successful grow. :p

  14. You can't have 3000 lumens in a box... that's not how lumens work. It's a measure of light cast over an area. I can see from the pictures that your plants are not well-lit. In lieu of buying more light, move your CFL closer. It won't burn your plants unless they touch the bulb, and even then it will be minor.

    You WILL need more light if you expect to flower.
  15. I mean the bulbs are emitting around 3000 lumens. But lux are what measures light over an area, not lumens.

    I might build a LED setup for the hell of it. I would move the plants up closer but the lamp is in the way so im going to look for something to make them closer.

  16. Luminous flux is a measurement of light over a specific area at a specific distance.

    The point is, 3k lumens worth of bulbs is not enough. Just add a couple more. LEDs will be more expensive to get the same output energy.
  17. The foil lining will complicate your already impossible heat issue, but 12" tall is not tall eniough to grow marijuana.
  18. It was duct tape lining, not foil. And I moved to a slightly larger box.

    But I figured out the reason they died was because the soil they were in, wasn't soil, but I was to high to tell.

    I'll give it another go when I can get some REAL soil.
  19. This thread was hilarious, please come back when you get new soil dude! I'm rooting for you for real! lol
  20. If it wasn't soil...

    what was it? D:

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