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  1. Some info I found on Greensand.

    The green colour of greensand is due to variable amounts of the mineral glauconite, an iron potassium silicate with very low weathering resistance; as a result, greensand tends to be weak and friable. It is a common ingredient as a source of potassium in garden fertilisers, such as in organic gardening and organic farming. Due to its chemical exchange properties, the glauconite of greensand is used as a water softener. Greensand coated with manganese oxide, known as manganese greensand, is used in well water treatment systems to remove insoluble ferric (oxidized) iron and manganese.

    Anyone been using Greensand regularly in their potting grows? I would like to get some idea of what your usage/dosage was. My first recipe had only about 1/2 cup in about 9 gal. of media. Too much, too little, I am not sure. Thanks.

  2. Good stuff. I normally used 2 tsp per gallon of mix.
  3. thanks, friedguy. I have read as much as I could find about it and it doesn't seem to be the type of mineral that can burn like certain forms of lime is capable of in given quantities.


  4. I use ~1/2 cup/cf (7.5 gallons), of mix, you are right in the ballpark with your amount.

  5. THanks, wetdog. Like a lot of the other ferts/nutes out there, there is not a lot of talk about Greensand. I did find some good info on some "regular" gardening sites. Regular as opposed to Norml!!
  6. Are you recycling your soil? Greensand won't be any real use to you if you aren't, as it breaks down over a long period of time.

    Not sure about common application rates, but I do know that you won't have to worry about over doing it.

    I've been looking into getting some of this. Next purchases are probably this, glacial rock dust, and Azomite. That should beef up the mineral levels quite nicely, I should think.
  7. Sam, the one thing I should have done with these soils I have been making is make them in advance of actual usage. The mined substances you are looking into are good ones from what I have read.

    One other, SulPoMag, is something you should look into getting, also. This can be a soil amendment or a tea. I got a bag from Greensense and it is like a fine grain sand. Breaks down into a tea in about 24-48 hours. Needs a little agitation now and then, but for the most part it is ready to go in a day or two. Use about 1.5 tsp/gal.


  8. Let me take a wild guess here......

    You got tangled up with some of that 'quick acting' hydrated lime?

    That can be some nasty stuff, even for experienced growers. I avoid it like the plague.

  9. actually, wet, i have the dolomite, but I am just reluctant to put it in my mix. that's why I go with such small amounts. i just cannot figure out why my plants (one more than the other) are progressively getting worse.

    They did need some water today, so I gave them a feeding of humic acid/seaweed extract tea. Misted them with same.

  10. You answered yourself in that last sentence. Feed and Misting when they needed water.

    Slow down.

    Try JUST water for a couple of weeks, give your microherd a chance to work, there is plenty of stuff in your mix

    Remember, Less is more.

  11. Jak, have to agree with wetdog... but post us a pic will ya...Just for shits and giggles. I might not know it all organic yet, but i have burned up plenty of plants :rolleyes: Just to be sure it's what it sounds like.

    Sorry to hear of the issues. Might repot them quickly into half dirt and half your base and water them and leave them alone for a couple of days.

    p.s. My 60gallons of soil base has 6 cups of greensand in it, along with the marble and onyx and granite and quarts dust i found/smashed up and added.
  12. JaK

    The gentleman's name is Ryan and he is one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever met and probably the most knowledgeable person on the subject of humic and fulvic acids around. He's a real scientist and not a promoter.

    Meaning that you can take whatever Ryan says to the proverbial bank. He recently gifted me a couple of lbs. of a new mycorrhizae product that they're considering bringing out. I'm running it right now as is Chunkdaddyo. It's different from other products but that's another story for another day.

    I'm glad that you found their products and information helpful. I've sent him emails in the past and he's taken the time to call me from his cell phone while he's out in the field with customers - they take inquiries seriously. They're about building a customer base and not trying to screw people over.

  13. LD, I am so sorry I called him by his wrong name. You are correct, what a wealth of knowledge and what a genuinely nice guy. I told him before he hung up that I wished I could remember a 1/10th of the info we talked about.

    All I asked was how long a solution of the humic acid (TM7) would be viable after being mixed in the milk jug and we talked for almost 15 minutes about all kinds of things.

    We also talked about the Down to Earth products and he mentioned knowing several people at that company as well and said they are equally great people. He told me if I had any questions at all about their products that they would be very eager to help me out. It was actually a high point of my day to have talked to RYAN!

    LD, you are in such a great place to be doing organics. Thanks for squaring me up on Ryan's name.

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    Oh my Gawd, stop screwing with the poor things! They're fine.

    ---This plant tending thing... It's a lot like sex in my opinion... just a-doin-it till you wake and find a scab on it isn't quite right, but you sure don't know it at the time!!!

  15. skunk, I know, much too much tending. Hey, I am staying away and the next thing my plants get is H2O. Nothing but, when they need it.

    Being so new to this thing you just want to"fix" it, but more times than any, we screw it up. Maybe just following yours and Wetdog's directions would help. Ya' THINK!! What'll it take a blow to the head.

    I think it is sinking in. Finally. Thanks again for the help and the concern. Be real good to show you guys some healthy plants in the near future and to let you know all your knowledge has been worth passing on to me.

    HAve a good one.


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