greensand and rock dust: important?

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    Greensand and rock dust both have many trace elements, lots of K for greensand (as seaweed or kelp, hence the green color from the ocean/sea). Worms and micro-organisms eat and break down the rock dust and greensand (along with the meals and manures), making the elements available for the plant. Use best in an organically amended soil mix. Greensand has good water retaining characteristics. They don't burn plants but there still is a dosage.

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  2. For people living in the US, a rock dust product that has been branded 'Azomite' is available from a number of companies.

    The Azomite is a trademark for rock dust mined in Utah. It's then sold to companies who pack soil amendments and are required to continue to use the Azomite name specifically on their product.

    It's inexpensive and you can find sources at



  3. OshGoshKaBosh

    The SulPoMag (0-0-22) is available at the feed/farm store. It runs $27.00 per 50 lbs. but it's not an organic amendment as far as I know.

    There are organic 'K' amendments but this product is not one of those unless you know of a different source.


  4. hey there, I used a little bit of green sand with my mix the other day. Not much just a little. Added azomite and ag lime with regular play sand to my ffof and ffhf mix. Then mixed with regular garden dirt. My question for the pros is what percentage of the soil should be azomite? And is the play sand a bad idea? My goal really is pepper plants super healthy, I just have a few cannabis plants I am growing as well. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Something like 4 to 5 cups azomite per 7.5 gallons of soil.

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  6. That sounds like a little more than necessary.

    Azomite is technically an alumino-silicate clay, not quite rock. I use both Azomite and Greensand in my mix though. Also basalt or crushed granite if available.

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    yeah its the rock dust you want at 4-5 cups per CF. azomite i think 1cup or 1/2 per cf should be plenty. azomite is not rock dust.

    idk about play sand, but i never seen anyone use it. what purpose would it fill in the soil?

  8. Yikes....i remember asking a few months back about my mix i was putting together and recall being advised to up my azomite to that amount.....hopefully i dont die from metal poisoning when i smoke this stuff. I think the hardest part about doing things correctly is listening to the right posters....

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