GreenPointSeeds DeathDawg x MonsterCookie test grow

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    Hi all, names Turtle and Im a GREEN POINT SEEDS (GPS) tester!
    This will be my first grow journal. My goals are to grow the plants to the best of my abilities, record my results, help document this awesome sounding cross, and of course give a excellent smoke/quality/yeild report at the end.

    Big shout out to the man Gu~ and all the GPS fam!

    GPS Test Strain: Death Dawg x Monster Cookies

    Death Dawg: Deaths Star x Alien Dawg F3

    Monster Cookies: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Yeti OG

    Growing Environment (start): Ho T5s/happyfrog/solo cups/weeks 1-1.5

    Growing Environment (permanent): Room 5.5x5.5/environmentally controlled, ac cooled (if needed,rearley used in winter months)/intake and exhaust.

    Veg: 1000w Mh/happyfrog, oceanforest, perlite mix/2.5 gallon pots
    Flower: 2000w Hps/some easy peasy liquid nutrients.

    I will try to locate some pictures of the cross strains and post them, but if you have any please post them.!

    All have now broken soil 10/10 in around 24 hrs, with the last four just now showing. They all seems to be very strong, vigorous, and vibrant seedlings. They will remain under the t5s till two weeks old. Here are some pictures!

    If I have left anything out please let me know and if there is ever any questions please ask!

    Thanks for looking, Turtle

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