greenmeanys guerilla grow (harvested)

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  1. whats up GC? startin up my log. gut a few ladies here along with a couple AI clones and some NL seedlings (hoping for an indica dominant male to take pollen from). The current strain list is Aurora indica, Top 44, Mazar x Afghan, and regular afghan. Only gut about 5 of AI, 1 of each top 44 and afghan, while the rest are mazar x afghan clones. well see how things work out. here are some of the ones i been tendin to on the regular that are going in holes tomorow. o yeah, gut a bunch of holes filled with some loam, blood/bonemeal/mycorhizzae, with 3 plots. check out the beginning of hopefully a decent grow.

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  2. good luck man, growing outside is the shit
  3. Good luck and good growing im sending rays of hope your way!
  4. lol preciate it man. im really hoping for a good crop this year. im gunna try and prevent rot with Serenade garden disease control which is supposed to be organic, and also, alot of the same beneficial bacteria that help prevent against diseases are in Compost tea which i will be making as well.
  5. Looking good GM, keep up the good work :D
  6. and by the way, what the fuck is up with the weather in new england right now?! a frost advisory for tonight/tomorrow! can you believe it? a frost advisory in lower NH in june, simply stunning.
  7. Fantastic,those are the strains i was going with this year,but i got bad batches of seeds.I was looking real close at Top 44 from as well.

    Can't wait to see them take off.

    Good luck.
  8. hiya GM, Just got back into town and saw your grow. Good luck, in watching!

    Loveshack420 :bongin:
  9. UPDATE:

    whats up all. gut a major update. took pics of all the decent looking ladies and only had one casualty out of a few dozen due to animals. probably attributed to the bone/blood meal mixture. ill post pics as soon as i can as of right now, i dont have a "security token" to do so as the site says? lol.
  10. some pics for ya

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  11. some more

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  12. so many grow journals this year! lol bump
  13. once again, bump
  14. Dude we had one the same night, and Im close to the southern coast of NE! Nice looking plants! I've been using Coyote Urine, and I haven't seen a single animal print in my sites, I add a bit every 2 weeks, or after a strong rain storm.Try adding that blood meal in a sack, and wet it. that will help keep deer, and such away...just hang it from a tree so dogs, or something else doesn't get it.
  15. thanks for the input man. nice to see someone respond for once! yeah it may sound weird but im bottling my own urine to use around my sites to hopefully deter animals from the area. i figured the deer would stay away form the bone/blood meal but didnt think of the digging animals. maybe ill just hang out in the woods for a while with my .22 lol. and yeah i hope that frost didnt hurt you and maybe the grow season will be a bit longer this year. Ill have another update in a couple weeks seeing as how i onyl go out there a few times per month to avoid making trails and stuff. Later
  16. Sup GM,
    Im pretty sure most people are skipping over this journal because no one knows who "GM" is!

    Now had you put, greenmeany's guerilla grow this would be popin!

    Either way, Im along for the ride...this is going to be a good season for everyone. Best of luck! :D
  17. Excellent work Greenmeany. You def. know what you're doing. + rep for sure!
  18. HAHA yeah you just needed me to post, then CB, and Corto follow along :D HAHA I don't bottle mine, I just piss like crazy out there, but i also have synthetic coyote urine that i spray at the edges like I said...I also bring some toilet paper, and lean my back against a tree, and join the weight loss program :D the frost didn't seem to hurt them. I was gunna go put clear solos over them, but said fuck it if they can't survive they were weak...even my Pure Gold 9weakest one currently) survived, and all are growing like crazy! The tallest is 5"(Durban Poison), and the Pure Gold is 2-1/2" or so, they were started just 3 weeks ago, and had shitty light till they went outside. I'm off to pick up a few items so they will be more stealth, and I can move them to the sites that get 2 or 3 more hours of direct sunlight (only getting about 4 or 5 direct hours, but another 9hours or so of indirect light. yeah I'm hoping for the season to last longer with the FF coming mid November so I can bulk them up through October for a decent harvest, and allow ample time for the seeds to mature.
  19. now its a party! lol yeah good for you nova that they all survived and thanks for all the input fellas. i cant wait till these babies start to "spread their wings" as i like to call it. Cant wait to see how my stinging nettle tea works out as a fertilizer. i also gut the molasses and a bunch of EJ with FIsh/seaweed fertz. Lets see how it goes. might cut a few more trees down at the spot to increase sunlight but they also give off so much security so i dont know. thanks again guys

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