greening out!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tdot Toker, May 3, 2011.

  1. Im freaking out!
    My heart is beating like 900 times!
  2. No it's not.
  3. relax bro, people feel like that all the time.

    That's not really greening out, its just freakin out.

    Greening out involves too big of a hit and puking.

    But anyways, your fine man. Just lay down and relax. In 30 minutes you will feel great. Listen to music or play a video game so your mind wont race and scare you with high paranoid thoughts.
  4. quit trippin and relax.
  5. Wack 1 off.
    Sounds stupid but always chills me out if i get too high :)
  6. Thats deff. not greening out! I get that at least every other time I smoke, once you know it's coming you learn how to ignore it! :)
  7. the gremlins are coming to get you.
  8. don't look behind u


    but not really >=(
  9. imagine if there's a heaven or whatever. they all watching you freak the hell out... then you just bust out your dick and start beating it.
  10. I hope your heart is beating more than 900 times. If it won't beat for more than 900 times, you're fucked.
  11. Your fine, just really high .
  12. When i've had my serious freak outs beating off only serves to raise my heart rate further. No bueno..
  13. Dude! Call 911 now!
  14. you high bro!?
  15. 900?cannt believe it.
  16. well ive greened out but i actually passed out like tunnel vision then everything went black regained consciousness shortly after on hte ground, i dont know if the weed was faulty or something but it did happen coulda been alot worst if i was driving but who knows, still smoke and its never happened again by far the wierdest experience of my smoking career
  17. If you got a PS3
    play this game

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