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Greening Out Vs. Anxiety Attack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Story, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so I have smoked for around 6 months. I maintain a pretty low tolerance by smoking little amounts not very often. So a little while ago I smoked a few hits out of a G-bong. It was an unknown dank. This is what I experienced: I had a difficult time swallowing, it took a few seconds to swallow. I had nausea on and off. I had severe tunnel vision. When my eyes were shut, I felt like I was on the downhill part of a roller coaster all the time. My heart was racing WAY too fast. It took me 3-4 tries to grab a doorknob. Everything I did was about 5 seconds after I really did it. I vomited 2 times, then finally fell asleep.

    Are these the signs of an anxiety attack, greening out, or both? I'm a little bit scared to smoke again honestly. Thanks guys, any information is appreciated.
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    I don't think it was either. Sounds like you felt your heart race a little from the bud and freaked yourself out. It's all in your head bro, you're fine. Keep smoking.

    Nevermind, it does sound like a little anxiety in there also, but again that stems from you panicing. Next time you smoke just let the high hit you. And enjoy it. Maybe cut back even more on the already small amounts if your weed is as dank as it sounds. You'll be okay man.
  3. Build up tolerance
  4. I'm glad you are new and not saying "OMG WEED LACED HALP@@!1"
  5. Have something sugary to eat or drink on hand and you'll be fine
  6. smoke a lil more often before gravity bongs. a lotta people under estimate those cannons. and i think you just greened out because of the throwing up.

    i know what you mean by you being scared, but next time just smoke a joint or with a bowl or something. it wont look as menacing :smoke:
  7. man that shits awesome...dont happen to me anymore but man if you get it you feel FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED UP MAN im tellin ya!!

    usually results from not eating, being hot, smoking and holding hits in for along time, and sciggarettes subjectlevly from my experience..
  8. Not a anxiety attack, just sounds like you green'd. I don't know what really causes you to green out, low blood pressure, no food in stomach, crappy diet, dehydration. Also gravity bongs are gross, so many plastic fumes
  9. I'm surprised nobody here thinks it was an anxiety attack; I can see how one thing would build on another until you're really dizzy, throw up, etc. Regardless, the there's a pretty common omni solution. Take a hit, relax for 10 minutes, if you think you need another hit, go for it. As you build up a tolerance that one hit could turn into one bowl, but just take it slowly is my point.
  10. Haha, i once thought my heart was going way to fast then i thought... Only 98bpm? Hey i need excercise....chilled out. :cool:
  11. Would you guys try smoking again after such a terrifying experience?
  12. Yes, just not as much. Or not as high quality. Maybe find someone who deals mids possibly. Work your way back up to the good stuff
    Maybe try chillin with a friend next time you smoke. If you guys are having a conversation or whatever it'll help keep your mind off of it if you start to feel it again
    sorry I'm so high and rambling but that's my 2 cents :p
  13. [quote name='"Story"']Would you guys try smoking again after such a terrifying experience?[/quote]

    Uhm fuck yes. Would you bang megan fox in the ass even though the last time you banged a girl in the ass she shit on your dick?

    Yes. Yes you fucking would.
  14. [quote name='"ccapwell1"']

    Uhm fuck yes. Would you bang megan fox in the ass even though the last time you banged a girl in the ass she shit on your dick?

    Yes. Yes you fucking would.[/quote]

    Megan Fox is ugly as fuck. If you would have used that analogy, with Jessica Alba, I would have sparked up as I typed this.
  15. FUCK. it was megan or jessica. Id destroy jessica as well.
  16. [quote name='"ccapwell1"']FUCK. it was megan or jessica. Id destroy jessica as well.[/quote]

    Haha, for sure my man, for sure. (;
  17. Has a similar experience..
    Smoked some top shelf dank got the munchies, thought i wasnt chewing enough, felt like i was taking forever to swallow my food and was choking.
    Stopped eating 20m later chillin in my room thought my throat was bleeding from getting cut by small chicken bones. Continued to start licking my shirt to check if there was any blood to make sure for about 5 minutes. (MAKES SENSE RIGHT?!!)
    Thought i was going to die, heart started beating fast. Then KTFO.
    Terrified while it happened, makes me face palm now..

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