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greening out/crazy thoughts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DervishBlaze, May 19, 2010.

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    whats up guys. ive been searchin around for an answer for a while and i cant seem to find one:confused:. so i figured i come here and ask:D. sometimes when i have the extra bud to spare ill smoke heavy and jam some skate 2 or maybe some BC2 if im feelin in the zone:hippie:. that'll last me a good 2 hours or so. then once i turn all that off and lay in bed ill get that spinning feeling. no worries about that, i think its pretty sweet. but other times after maddd bong hits:bongin: ill feel like im havin a heart attack or that every ounce of blood is rushing to my head and its gonna explode:eek:. now i think this is because of how fucking tired i am at that point, but i cant fall asleep or i feel like im gonna die:eek::eek:. ill keep my eyes open or whatever i gotta do to stay awake and "not die". wicked stupid i know and when i wake up i feel foolish for thinkin that but ya know, at the time it seems legit.

    now the actual question haha. have any of you experienced these sensations and if you have...have you actually gone through them and fallen asleep? cuz i cant get myself to do it.

    a little heads up. im always tired, high or not, so on the come down i tend to get reallyyyyy tired. this may have something to do with it. and no my weed is not laced...just trust me.

    any HELPFUL responses would be appreciated. :smoke:
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    Well it sounds like you need to either:

    a. Get more sleep. I have blazed while very tired plenty of times and my head has never felt the way you described though.

    b. Smoke less weed, or smoke more sativa strains, if you have access to reliable strains of dank, or know the difference from indica strains by taking a test toke.

    Im assuming you know the difference between sativa and indica strains. otherwise b. wont make much sense.
  3. Okay I'm not sure if I really understand what you are describing but I think I may. Sometimes if you take a big hit I will get what me and a few friends call a "weed freeze" it kinda feels like a brain freeze but not really. But I dont feel like I'm going to die or fall asleep. Usually it just passes after a few seconds maybe minutes and then it's gone.
  4. haha yeah man i know the difference. and it doesnt happen all the time. like i said it happens when i have the extra ganj and decide to smoke heavyyy at night.

  5. What you're describing sounds like a green-out, and it means you're smoking too much weed (I know, I know, blasphemy, w/e). If you smoke more weed than you can handle, you're more likely to have a panic attack or anxiety attack, which is what this sounds like. Stop smoking more weed than you can handle, and this will stop. Trust me, I've done this once, and it sucks. The best thing to do in that situation is to get yourself into a relaxing mood (relaxing music, low lights, warmness, like maybe a bath/shower) and wait until you come down. I would also recommend waiting until you come down a little bit before falling asleep. Good luck, and listen to your body more. You'll know when to stop when you do. :)

  6. Bam. +rep
  7. Or try drinking a sugary drink such as soda, your blood sugar may be low.
  8. Yep I've had this happen to me. My friend brought over some OG Kush and he wanted to smoke one last bowl pack after we finished a movie (we smoked a lot before). With that said, I had a stressful week and wasn't getting much sleep or eating much.

    About an hour later, what followed was one of the worst migraines I've ever had. I had trouble going to sleep but I knew that I wasn't in any real danger. Safe to say I stay well within my limits now.
  9. used to happen to me ALL the time man, from even just one bowl. i cant remember that last time it happened to me now though. it goes away with tolerance and experience, and as you learn your limit. remember; you can always smoke more, but you can't fucking smoke less no matter how much you wish you weren't on the verge of a cardiac arrest (believe me bro i know the feeling very well and it's real fear whether it's rational or not)
  10. yea smoke a little less maybe just take a hit or two and see how you feel in 10 minutes. By the way dank is a cleaner high I used to get those panics when i was a teen when I smoked blunts of stress and mids. Now i still get weird thoughts but no greening out. And the weird thoughts is one of the benefits of weed. Also try eating some carbs, they will bring your high down some.
  11. I love these. Though I wouldn't use the word "freeze" because it's a warm rush in the head. This specific sensation isn't talked about enough.
  12. Agree, I was surprised when I ran across this thread. The first time it happened my roommate luckily said something about it happening to her before otherwise I would've flipped. Any other name ideas brain warm doesn't sound right... lol.
  13. I guess the main point here is that you just have to get through it. While it may suck for the duration, you'll be fine.
  14. yeah. well i can toke that much when im at my buddys house and be super. i know my limits just fine. so im gonna bet that it has something to do with how tired i am when it happens. ill gotta keep that in my from now on. :smoke:
  15. It's just a panic attack, you're fine. Everyone gets these at some point. Remember, no one has ever died from smoking cannabis.
  16. Haha, it might just be a head rush. I really can't tell. If it's purely caused by weed, then I love it even more.

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