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  1. Already on my second indoor grow and I have built a small greenHouse outside and was thinkin of Moving Some of my Grow out there
    Would like some pointers and Info on best way to grow in Green House like should I plant them right in the ground or use pots
    and what about security measures
    cuz I dont really want to spend 1 to 5 years in the PEN! or pay the steep fine for cultivation

    The green House is on the back side of an out building(SHOP)
    on the back of my property. noone goes back there but me and my family have a dog back there.... well half timberWolf half German Shepherd real mean if he dont know ya

    And when should I plant out there I am in Mid Appalachin Mountains

    Any Help would be Appreciated
  2. Geen house grows are basically easy...

    First thing, how big is it??

    Second, you need enough room to plant a few tomatos in there too..

    The tomato plants will help in camo with the plants..

    As far as growing goes, it doesn't take much effort.

    You need to put the plants in pots and put them on a shelf about a foot from the ground. You will also want them to be placed in the center of the green house..

    If the temps are staying above 60 degrees, you can plant anytime..

    After you set the plants, make sure and wet the ground around the plants.. This will give the plants the green house effect.. Keep the ground moist but not wet..
  3. The Green House is not real big it is 6' by 6' and 8' tall
    well guess I will have to wait a couple of more weeks to plant here then due to temps

    but thanks for your in put BudHead

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