Greenhouse White Widow 400w HPS grow already in 12/12.

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  1. First time poster here :) I have a journal on other sites, but I just registered her to show off my ladies.

    First of all, here are the items I am using:

    400watt HPS w/Euro style diamond reflector. Switchable MH/HPS ballast...I was using MH for veg.

    Closet with ventilation fan wired to a light switch. I have one oscillating fan and another fan for air circulation.

    Fox Farm Grow big 1/2 strength has been used while vegging, as well as Big Bloom. I am not starting flower nutes until I see white hairs, just so that I can minimize stretch.

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest in 3 inch square pots.

    5 Fem White Widow seeds from Green house.

    Now on to some info:

    Today is day 33 since sprouting, and today is day two of 12/12. Temps stay in the 78 range w/~40% humidity. One of the plants was topped. Enough with info, here are some pics.

    First one is a pic of the topped plant, rest of just misc shots. Anyone feel free to comment and or give suggestions.

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  2. Looks beautiful.

    Hows the smell situation?

  3. Hardly any smell. I have a couple tubs of Nature's Air Sponge which gets rid of the smell. It works really well! They have a website, just google "Nature's Air Sponge".
  4. Day 51, almost 3 weeks flower: Temps have been the 78 range and humidity at 50%. I am watering them every 4 - 5 days. Still feeding them Big Grow and Tiger Bloom

    The buds are looking awesome...I do not know what else to say! Can't wait until they fatten up some more!

    Pics included.

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  5. What do you mean by "topped plant"? did you prune to have more than one shoot? if you did can you give em some pointers?

  6. Yes, I cut the plant shoot one week before flowering. What that did was make the plant bushier and grew two main colas. Its very simple to do...just cut it! If you have any more questions let me knwow.

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