Greenhouse seeds? utter crap or what?

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  1. So a couple years ago i had a run with 1 ghs strain...a cheap-o one at that...

    i wasnt pleased with the results (phenos varied wildly, height was all over the place...yield wasnt near close to as promised, etc.)

    now i noticed that they have new strains out and they finally re-stocked some beans i could never find in stock before (like their cheese, trainwreck, etc.)

    i was ghs still considered utter crap or has their been some good changes over at that company.

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    :wave: They are still considered utter crap, but only by haters and people who have not tried them out.

    The trainwreck is a great strain and the super lemon haze is cup winning good :smoke:
  3. Had many strains from excellent breeders with variation in phenos from seed. Have only grown the GH fems seeds and in recent years, thought all were good and yielded good. The lemon skunk (one pheno) was my favorite. imo Barneysfarm would be better for fem seeds.

  4. ive heard lots of good things about SLH and SSH but to be honest thats about it from ghs that i know of.

    whats ur fav ghs strains?

    ive had many variations of phenos from several breeders but ghs is by far the worst ive grown personally.

    the phenos variety so wildly it was pathetic. my shortest plant was like 2ft and tallest was over 5ft...this was supposedly a 80%indica strain...and those beans came from the ghs breeders pack so it couldnt have been a mix up...soon as i got to 12/12 some never wanted to stop stretching. they were even going in 12/12...

    it bugged me cuz i had plants on crates n' shit trying to even out the canopy. didnt work out great...promised yield was like 600g per sq meter...what i really got: 235 per sq meter.. granted you need ideal conditions for 600g but still...i got barely a third of what was listed.

    the variation was so wild idk how it could be considered 80% indica...

    idk left a bad taste in my mouth but the newer strains and the ones never in stock before are making me want to try again...

    thanks for the barneys farm idea. ive looked at them several times but always decide on something else.
  5. GHS = over rated, over hyped, crap.
  6. I smoked some SLH for the first time a couple of months ago and it was very nice, nice hint of lemon with a very nice long lasting high.

    My favorite GHS strains are trainwreck (5 beans and all the plants look and grow the same) and I also like their version of white rhino for some instant sleep :smoke:

    Its nice bud to smoke in coffee shops in Holland and nice to grow back home :cool::smoke:
  7. Just got a 5 pack of greenhouse seeds, Great white shark, lemon skunk, white rhino, train wreck, and cheese, those were with 5 freebies...kalashnikova, exodus cheese, super bud, emerald jack, and grapefruit kush. Also got a lowryder 2. The seeds in the five pack are coated with something to help germination, is there a certain way to germ these ones? Never tried green house before...
  8. GreenHouse Great White Shark was my favorite strain I ever had. I lost her last year, she just died( mother plant) ...........I grew 10 of the 10 seeds I got in the pack they all sprouted I think I got 6 females and they were all different. Some were purple some had a rotting smell and this one that grew fairly well but odd had an amazing smell and a candy taste with an aftertaste that was awesome and it was smooth and sweet just great. There was so much variation in the GWS strain pheno's but that is the only GHS strain I have grown.
    Wish I could get her back ......good luck with yours
  9. the super lemon haze is fantastic.It is one of my favorites and out of 10 seeds all gerninated and I have some fantastic smoke.maybe not a huge harvest but not bad at all to say the least.I love their SLH.
  10. what about those of us who have tried them and think they are utter crap?

  11. this has been my experience with them. i grew out a 10 pack of their "big bang"...turned out to be a big bust and its not very anti-anxiety (as described) at was more racy than you'd imagine for 80% indica.

    i had short ones, tall ones, etc. it looked like i planted 10 different strains to be honest. this is my fear as i dont want to get a 10pack of something and then run into loads of problems with height or get bud thats very different from whats been described to me by their website.

    you must be talking about their, "color coated feminised seeds"....if this is the case you germ it like you would any other seed. its just coated to help you tell which is which.

    so you're saying their trainwreck is much more stable?

    i might have to try SLH and SSH as they are possibly GHS' most popular strains so id imagine they would have taken the time to stablize the strain more...i hope.
  12. Thats fair enough, I don't like every strain but some can give you good bud for a small cost.

    I tried dianfem and didn't like thier white widow but it got good reviews on here, different strokes I guess :smoke:

    I liked the trainwreck it was very stable, I've not grown SLH but I have seen some good and bad examples here in the journals.

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