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Greenhouse seeds "bubba kush"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by spokamsterdam, May 14, 2011.

  1. Unstable genetics from GH. This bubba kush wastarted from seed and everyone had seeds on the lower buds and some even had male flowers growing all under the lower buds. Very frosty with a great skunky mocha smell and taste. Hints of purple streaks throughout the insides. 9 weeks to flower. 3 week veg/3oz per plant

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  2. shit looks dank man. ive been looking to start an inside grow and some of the greenhouse seeds are really catchin my eye, after seeing this bubba it might have to be my 1st grow
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    I would suggest super lemon haze. It has a couple different phenos in the seed pack but both are awesome in quality and better in yield. Great taste and smell. One pheno is real bubblegummy and the other is more of a citrus earthy taste. The bubba kush has top many seeds on the lower buds. Its too unstable. If you order sum from greenhouse try regular seeds. I heard that the high production process that greenhouse uses to feminize there seeds makes them lesser in quality and less stable(seed pods, male flowers under buds).
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    This is some "burmese kush" from th seeds if you are interested in kush. The genetics are the burmese kush x o.g. kush. Very frosty buds with a great zen like high. You have to break the buds up to get the o.g. smell but the the taste is more of a natural taste an almost a hint of wood in the aftertaste. Great bud

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