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Greenhouse sativa flowering in April

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by Unkhan, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone! I live in the Mediterranean and planted several sativa seeds in my greenhouse in mid-February, hoping to get an early start on the growing season. The plants have only grown under the sun, so no artificial light is involved. The outside temperature is starting to reach the low 20s C (high 60s-low 70s F), which means the high 20s C (high 70s-low 80s F) in the greenhouse, and today I saw that some of the plants are showing white pistils and it is only mid-April! My strains got mixed up when the seedlings got knocked over in a storm, so I cannot tell them apart. However, I know that some of them are Early Maroc and Purple Maroc, which I think can flower early. But can they flower this early? It has barely been two months!

    I recently transferred the plants to larger pots in nutrient-rich soil and wonder if they are likely to reveg or if I should prepare for bud development, which I suppose may mean trying to flush some of the extra nitrogen out of the soil or repotting with soil that is not quite so hot. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. They can flower for an extended period; if possible an upgrade for bigger root mass always helps - my routine sees 1 gal for seedlings, 3 gal for sprouts, and 5 gal for the long haul. Different game indoors but same system should work.
  3. Fresh batch hitting short hours on the back row; always undercut my potential by going to flower too soon. these are larger than the routine.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Genetic lineage: Purple Power x Maroc
    Indoor: 8-9 weeks
    Outdoor: YES, EARLY FINISHER. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
    Height:Outdoor: 200-300 cm (The Netherlands)
    Yield: Outdoor: 200-300 g/plant (The Netherlands)
    Taste/smell: Fruity, citric smell and diesel, purple taste
    Effect: More Sativa; an activating and stimulating head high

    A cross of our old and trusted Purple Power with a big fat tasty Moroccan mother. The mother was selected on symbol and taste, she adds power and resin production to the Purple Power. Both cannabis strains are super early and the fastest varieties available for outdoor in cold/mountain climates. Purple Maroc can easily deal with high levels of humidity making it the perfect strain for higher altitude regions. Best sowing time for this cannabis strain is end of April.

    The Purple Maroc has two phenos. Pheno #1 has a hint of purple in its appearance and has a very fruity almost citrus smell. She has very good trichome production. Pheno #2 is slightly slower in the calyx formation and has wonderfully strong fruity smell.

    Purple Maroc is an absolute winner. Some buds will be light purple overloaded with resin. True eye-candy! The high is heady and activating, more Sativa inclined.

    Early Maroc comes from a thorough selection of a very early pure strain (landrace) from Morocco.
    Since this variety is particularly difficult to grow indoors, developing the feminized version became a long and hard breeding project.

    Cultivation of Early Maroc
    Ideal for outdoor grows and Guerilla crops. Not recommended for indoor growers. Suitable for making dry sieved hashish.
    Without a doubt, the best attribute of Early Maroc is its fast flowering. It is harvested in mid-August in temperate climates, even earlier in some cases. We recommend germinating the seeds in late March or early April to harvest your plants in August. Photos and user comments of this early flowering cannabis strain can be seen on our blog.

    Early Maroc produces robust, compact and easy to grow plants. It reaches average heights (125-175 cm), enough to provide good yields even with minimal care or if planted in arid soils. Its precocity and low demand of nutrients and water make it ideal for guerrilla growers.
    If you plan to use pots, 50-60L containers will be enough for the plant to fully develop.
    The lighting, nutritional and environmental conditions needed to grow this strain are special, so we do not recommend Early Maroc for indoor cultivation.

    good luck
  5. It's gonna carry on vegging especially being a sativa and if it's auto flower your gonna be looking at mid summer but if it's 's photo Bro the plant will be going to August September despite you planting I'm February.

    Any chance we could see some pictures.

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  6. Thank you everyone for your replies.

    In the end, I sacrificed them to the Weed Gods and started over with new seeds. I didn't want to go through any revegging business and hope that the Weed Gods smelled my sacrifice and were pleased.
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  7. Alright good luck I can't wait to get the money together to start my own greenhouse grow.

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  8. Guys, I'm still a little confused. Are you saying this early flowering plant is actually still vegging and will continue in this state through the summer?
  9. I understood that it would soon return to vegging. It can flower early, but not this early.
  10. It is more common for males to express themselves during my veg cycle (20/4) but this young lady seems eager to get on with her life. Started from seed 3/15 and heading to IMG_20180419_123117.jpg bright lights and short hours tonight.

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