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  1. Hey fam,
    I have a little bit of a weird question I'm hoping someome can help me out as the Internet couldn't really help me with this one!!

    I have two cycles going, 2 & 2, first cycle started just over two weeks ago an second cycle started on may 2 after being germinated. Cycle one is in sea soil, cycle two is in peat moss, all pots 25% perlite. All auto flowers from Mephisto genetics.

    I really originally wanted to start both cycles under lights, then move them outside to the green house at night an outside in the sun for the day,but my spring has been extremely warm in the day an cold at night so I've been bringing them in an out for 16 hours natural sun an the rest under lights.... my question is \/\/

    Should I bring the plants outside on colder days (15c) when it's not sunny an more cloudy an rainy an put them in the greenhouse? Or would they prefer the lights in the closest apposed to the greyness outside??

    Sub question, both cycles go out? Or let cycle two grow more under the lights??

    Cycle one

    Cycle 2


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  2. Look. These things are WEEDS first. Unless it's going to frost or freeze overnight, the most damage you'll get is a little setback from the stress of a cool night or two. But the only thing, weather wise, that will outright kill them, is freezing or frost. If you're past worrying about those kinds of things, they should be fine outside or in the greenhouse, sunny or cloudy doesn't make any difference. Light is light. I did learn a valuable lesson this year though. I put two out on my deck to hold for a girlfriend of mine to finish at her place. I put them out after I made sure we had, what I thought, was over 12 hours of daylight during the day. I was judging by sunrise and sunset. Well...don't do that. Apparently the light has to be at a certain level for the plant to recognize it. Both mine immediately started to flower after I put them out. So, before they go out full time, make sure you've got way over 12 hours of daylight. We grew off 4 extras outside last year and didn't put them out till June. They all grew to at least 5 feet plus in height and we ended up getting several pounds off those 4 plants. You can't beat the sun for your light source. Go to the new grower threads here and do some reading in the "sticky's" there. They have one for just about every "new grower" situation and they contain all the basic info you should know to be able to make it through the whole life cycle of the plant and get a harvest. But I'm going to be honest with you. You better be darn careful with those autos. They tend to do weird things a lot of the time and stress seems to be what kicks them off. I would really read up on growing that strain. I don't mess with them myself. I've seen too many people post on here where their auto went into bud at 2 weeks and other weird stuff. I like regular feminized seeds myself, but to each his own. Good luck! TWW
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  3. Thank you very much man much appreciated for all the knowledge an wisdom. Ive grown a few times now. Always frminized, most of the time outside, but with our fucky climate here in Edmonton AB I thought I'd give the autos a go jusy because I normally run into the problem of not having a long enough season an being only a few weeks to short before harvest an they always get destroyed. This summer I'm fully gimped out with a completely blown knee so I figured I would really have the time to nurture autos with lots of love an care. An really try an get serious about producing some nice buds


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  4. Haha you growing in your yard or guerilla style? From ed aswell
  5. Yea yea in a green house an inside, no not guerrilla style haha everything is measured an cared for, right amount of love an care haha

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  6. What do you mean destroyed by frost? I would cut them down in Sept sometime before first frost the almanac says this here is Sept 19th then make hash with the premature buds
  7. My girls go into the bush i rough them up real good lol
  8. You may want to try Iranian auto flower bread in Canada sounds like a great producer.

    Be well...

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