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  1. hello all, i am new here, been puffing a long time and just bought a house with a very nice shed with a greenhouse facing south, away from any neighbors, great sun. It seems to be a great place to grow, plenty of room to hide them inside some other plants. Just going to go for 2-3, have some belladonna and purple power on the way. i am going to follow some of the guides, like grampa's, to the tee and do the best i can. Anyone have any good tips, or guides pertaining more to the greenhouse grow i would appreciate it. i will post pics and keep a journal.
  2. to add: i live in Maryland, near the bay, if that helps anyone as far as climate. i hear that during veg that there should be 24 hr sun. Is thas true? what would the harvest time be, longer in a greenhouse than w/ a light? Thanks for any input.
  3. A fellow Marylander, hello!

    They dont need 24/0 in veg, more like 18/6. Outdoor grows are controlled by the seasons, thats when the suns schedule changes telling the plants to start flowering. Alot of people going indoor use 24/0 though.

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