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  1. Greetings.
    I am starting a journal and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posting. Feel free to ask any questions or comment on anything but forgive me if it takes me time to get back to you.

    I'm running two tents at the moment.
    Veg 4'x4'x7'
    (2) 2' 4 bulb T5 lights
    Just planted four Skywalker OG clones today.
    They're in a mix of Botanicare's ReadyGro Aeration mix with a ton of perlite and some bat and seabird guano. Also added rainbow mix bloom from Earth Juice, oyster shell, insect grass, glacial rock, and some mycorrhizae. I'm feeding in mostly with Pura Vida Grow and some Fish mix from Biobizz.

    Flower 4'x8'x7'
    I'm running two 600watt HPS but only at 50% power. I'm using a parabolic SCROG using PVC and some green wire. The squares are 4"x6" on the wire but I doubled it back and offset it so the squares are 2"x3" instead. I'm building the second screen today. The screen that is in place has been flowering for 4 weeks now.

    Screen 1 (4 weeks into flowering)
    -Buddha Passion
    -Tahoe OG x OG Kush
    -Jilly Bean
    -Platinum Cookies

    Screen 2 (soon to be built)
    - 4 Cherry Pie

    I'll take some pictures of the flowering tent tonight when the lights click on
  2. Here are a couple shots of the flowering tent.

    4 Cherry Pie. I'm finishing the parabolic screen tonight hopefully and get it in place. My pvc cutter broke last night with only a few cuts left to make. 1413847506940.jpg

    Here is the screen that has been in place for about a month now.
    1 Buddha passion
    1 Jilly Bean
    1 Platinum Cookies
    1 Tahoe OG cross 1413847529297.jpg
  3. Here are a couple bud shots

    Buddha Passion

    Tahoe OG x OG 1413913814007.jpg
  4. Finished putting the SCROG together. I'll put it into place tonight. I did some LST on the 4 Cherry Pie plants to get them lower for when I put the screen in place.
  5. Flowering tent

    SCROG 1

    SCROG 2
  6. Flowering tent

    SCROG 1 (mix)
    Took a shot of the Tahoe OG 1414421365064.jpg

    SCROG 2 (all cherry pie)
    Side view of screen curve. It was difficult because I have a fan and a wall right there
    The screen is sitting 5 inches above the soil 1414421431130.jpg
  7. Skywalker OG in veg post training session

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  8. Tahoe OG

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  9. First real attempt at a cloning machine.
    Items needed
    1- 3.5 gallon bucket with lid
    2' of black 1/2" tubing
    2 - 360 degree sprayers
    6 - 180 degree sprayers
    3 - 1/2" tees
    1 - submersible pump
    9 - 2" net pots
    9 - neoprene discs

    Tools needed:
    -2" hole drill bit (don't know proper name and I'll double check but might even be 1 3/4" or something close to)

    Trace the net pots where you want to place the holes. I like putting 8 around the outside and one in the middle for 9 total but I haven't finished drilling them all. I only drilled 5 since I'm only cloning 5 but I have room for 9 on this setup. I put the lid on the bucket when I drilled the holes to make it easier and safer as well. Let the drill do the work and keeps the bucket lid from chipping and breaking for clean drilled holes. I'll take some pictures of the inside rather than describing how I did it. Pretty self explanatory with a picture. Seems to work very well with a ton of even spray. I'll see how it does with these clones. Took 5 off of the Skywalkers and put two under a makeshift dome and the other 3 without to see the difference.

    I also took 6 clones in plugs and happy frog as well. I only need 4 but I wanted to experiment and cover my needs for the next round

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  10. Alien OG

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