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  1. i seen some one asking about going in to there tent in the dark cycle and was wondering what light to use can find the thread so here

    GreenEye product details:

    The only way to enter your growroom during a plants night cycle and not distress your plants is to use a light in the green spectrum as short-day plants will not be effected by this portion of the color spectrum. Exposing your plants to any spectrum of light other than green during the night cycle can be very distressing and greatly reduces potential yields.

    The GreenEye is an incredibly useful gadget that lets you work in your growroom during the night cycle. The GreenEye unit is worn like a headset and illuminates whatever you look at. The unit emits green spectrum light that has no effect on plants.

    Each GreenEye will last around 10,000 hours and they don't get hot. The GreenEye is reversable so can be worn on either Ear.

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