Greened out while having sex

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  1. I met this 41 year old milf at the bus stop a week ago or so, we hung out last night at my place and watched the lion king. I suggested we toke and she was down so I packed a bowl. Soon we smoked like 6-7 bowls (I have a really low tolerance), and before I knew it I was on top of her fingering the shit out of her. For some reason I couldn't really get into the mood, and started to feel light headed and dizzy. I was trying to make out with her but kept missing her face and accidentally sucking on her nose for some reason.

    Then as I changed position, I almost blacked on on top of her. I climbed off and apologized and told her I am way to baked, so we just cuddled until the morning. I felt like the biggest pussy ever, and never had a problem with that before.

    She said it was okay and we cuddled some more in the morning getting real close, my bare dick against her ass and she kept touching my neck and chest, and asked if she can come over again next Tuesday.

    I still feel like a pussy, but next time I know not to get so baked.

    Thanks for reading GC
  2. lol at least you didnt puke on her.
  3. Hey ur seeing her next tuesday, if you play your cards right it'll only make you look better.
  4. hahahah that made me lol

    damn dude.. I don't care if you failed the first time you tried to smash. Just the fact that you have a 41 year old milf on your dick is enough hahaa. I wish I had that damn.. thats sexual fantasy #1 man..

    EDIT: lets get some pics man haha :D
  5. Why didn't you just do stuff in the morning? Oh well, picking up a 41 year old milf at a bus stop, and watching Lion King, is an achievement in itself.
  6. +rep for baggin a milf and not puking when you greened out

  7. weird... I've seen people green out lots of times but none of them have ever thrown up:confused:
  8. I want a cougar. :(

    But hey, she asked if she can come over again. She probably understood you being too fucked up.
  9. I don't think being honest about how you're feeling is being a pussy. Don't worry about it man she obviously doesn't mind if she would like to see you again. I think you're doing just fine.
  10. No drugs have ever hindered my ability to get it on, but I think guys are a different story. I have seen some guys that have had to back out. Having sex with weed is fantastic, but you have to have the PERFECT amount of weed to do it. If you are really worried about it, don't be. I don't blame guys for having to back out.
  11. Well done, sir...:hello:

    Just remember to avoid smoking too much on tuesday.

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