Greened out for the first time yesterday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bannanamannn, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Let me start off by telling you I'm a lightweight with little tolerance to no tolerance and only smoke a couple times a week. Yesterday before smoking I ate an entire pizza & then about an hour later went to go smoke with a friend. We together smoked 3 bowls. He smoked more than me and has less of a tolerance. After smoking we went to chipotle & we each had a burrito. Then we went to go chill in his room. This is where it gets bad. I get bedlocked and layed there feeling neusous for about an hour before he forces me to get up. After getting up i walked to his toilet and threw up everything I ate. I felt like shit and never wanna get that high again. I normally get baked after a few hits but ended up smoking around 2 bowls that day. Never again. Just some advice, never green out

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  2. Peehaps you should smoke less and gradually smoke more, there are a lot of people that talk about what you just said they even got to something called the personalization, but yea maybe just start with less
  3. HahaH
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  4. Mate you ate so much food got high, got the munchies ate more food. Of course you were sick. I would smoke more eat less or eat more smoke less.

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  5. Agree with @Treestar420 I dont green out just one of my lucky traits but I will for sure puke if Im eating a full pizza and chipotle, eat less but dont smoke on a empty stomach can do basically the same thing.
  6. Try it with vodka next time.

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  7. Cannabis is not for everyone.

    Me and my buddy killed off 7 grams of various buds and a gram of wax in a 3 hour sesh . Oh and I drove home!

    - he did wha!?!!
  8. Nah homie, puking while your high is not greening out. You kinda should limit your food intake before you smoke. Eat enough to be comfortable but not enough to make your stomach heavy. An just like swimming, wait 30-60 mins before you smoke or if you had a heavy meal 75% of the time you might puke it out.

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