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  1. [​IMG][​IMG] hey, i found some pretty cool pictures of these carmelicious seedlings. if you have a good eye you'll notice the following: these plants must be on a 24 hr light cycle, their age is about 6 days old and a second set of real leaves are just starting to peak out, the growing mediums are starter sponges likely watered a few times a day with nutrient solution (maybe around a 6.6ph) kept at room temperature(70-75 degrees F) and the roots are certainly starting to poke out of them underneath, i can barely make it out but the lights look like two 6500K T12s with 2 3000K T12s which probably means the airs condition is just fine with a temperature and humidity level between 70-75 degrees F and about 60% humidity, check out the baking soda box in the background...i bet the air is kept pretty fresh in that grow room. this guys so smart he probably keeps his fan oscillating on low and a humidifier in there too! wow.

    feel free to subscribe and comment on these great pictures. :cool:

    its looks as though the plants are running into some problems like red stem, some small yellow/dead spots, and dead leaf tips. hey experts wouldn't you think it would be frustrating if this person wasted 20 bucks on a terrible nutrient solution like this one and didn't get healthy plants. nitrogen - 18%, phosphoric acid - 1.00%, Potash - 6.10%, Sulfer 1.00%, Iron - 0.1%, calcium - 5.7%, molybdenum - 0.004%, cobalt - 0.0005%. i know i would. maybe its not the nutrients that are causing these plants problems? maybe there is a piece to the puzzle i am not seeing?

    whats next?
    greene acres
  2. is someone out there?
  3. drop your lights too within a few inches of the plant tops there already streching alot.
  4. [​IMG]i think the plants will be better off now that they dont have to stretch for the light. is it possible the red stems were caused by the stretching? im sure lowering the lights will speed growth...correct me if im wrong.

    what happens if the lights are too hot and burn the fuzzy hairs of the leafs? should the light then be raised a few more inches?
  5. those lights run cool enough to be ALMOST touching your plants, they are fine where they are now..
  6. they start off with red stems it seems, i was worried about mine being red but i saw otherpictures and it seems normal, but they dude theyre pretty stretched.
  7. thanks for the comments guys
  8. [​IMG][​IMG] along with the problems listed in the very first comment there are now an additional problems. mushy/droopy stems. all of which have not been solved. the humidifier is no longer in the room. is it time for these seedings to be transplanted and enter the veg. phase?
  9. This guy should, feel free too transplant at this point, it will also give you a chance to bury that fallen stem a little deeper in the dirt.. And the others a little deeper as well. the stretching at this point is where you have your biggest problem. Soon after transplant you may want to add a small stick for support(never bring anything in from outside... Is this guys veg setup different from the seedlings????

    The red stem looks like because of the stretch it was wasting energy and nutrient too make a stronger stem.. I believe when their darker like that they are having a harder time bringing nutrient up the meristem, this is the big problem with stretchy seedling(just an opinion)... they should repair a tad after being buried a tiny bit deeper, not too high up the stem or you will have other problems good luck.

    You need too get to a hydro store and start a nutrient regimin, I would also add a few drops of B-1 supplement(super thrive...etc) and get some organic or advanced nutrient type fertilizer. at this point you may only need the b-1 and always start with about 30% nutrient strength never really going over 50%..
  10. I am not familiar with starter sponges as a medium. If they are similar to rock wool, then the pH is wrong and should be between 5.2-5.8. Also they are way too young to be fed. Don't feed before week three from seed. Also loose that tin foil; it makes reflecting worse. Get a fan in there blowing those seedlings if you don't already have one.
  11. ps the grow area is 3x3
  12. a 3x3 should be covered just fine by a 400 watt, its going to be a pain to cool a 3x3 area with anymore than that,
  13. nice man, looks lijke you got a pretty goood idea of whats going on, mind the spelling im off my yhead, no time for spell check bro, keep it up! peace!

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