GreenDirector's Newest Pickup (Glass Blunt)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by UmphPool, May 10, 2011.

  1. So theres a new Wonderland smoke shop near my college on the highway. So we go in and its really nice, very upclass. Then in the shop there where pilots looking at bowls. Only in New Jersey lmao.
  2. damn nice piece it looks cool with the spring on it
  3. Which wonderland? Lawernceville?

  4. The Brand new one by route 17
  5. sorry to say, but i personally hate glass blunts. theyre something different once in awhile (and hold a good amount) but they break really easily.

    on the plus side its a very nice looking one, just be sure to take extra care of the rubber seal, they tend to crack.

  6. Any idea what town? Got prodo I need to hustle lol

  7. Hasbrouck Heights :smoke:
  8. Bump... Any one got a cool name for it ?

  9. not an everyday piece imo, but when they're needed they always seem to come through for me
  10. is there such a thing as just straight ones with like a disc screen/4 hole screen for a mouthpiece? I think it'd be pretty sick just having a straight tube, as long as you don't bust too fine and pack it with some sticky, it'd be quite the enjoyable sesh I'd imagine

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