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  1. Well, I've got all female white widow, and a ton of Green crack seeds from saved of Bags. I know for a fact I will have a male GC.

    Any suggestions and Thoughts about crossing ww x gc?

  2. green crack is a clone only strain, and the only way u got seeds is if a plant went hermy, and that will make feminized seeds...
    but good luck i would love to see that cross
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure of the logistics of thos two strains, but sounds like it could yield a super bomb end result. I've heard WW is a great strain to mix with to stabilize though, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
  4. I'm hoping there Not hermy, But thaks for giving me that heads up!!

    These seeds wernt like packed in the bud, Like you would find one random one in a zip every couple weeks. Think it's still hermy?

    I also have Cinderella 99 I want to play with aswell.
  5. I could just as easily be a random particle of pollen floating into a grow room. It can attach to clothing, pets, well, just about anything since that is what it is made to do.

    As for the mixing I'm sure these strains would do well. Depending on which white widow strain you have (there are hundreds these days) and the experience you have with the strain (knowledge that this particular phenotype exerts the traits you're hoping for) you will have good female side genetics. Choosing your male, is a little more difficult. Your green crack seeds, since true green crack is a clone only strain out of oak, would be a clone of green crack pollinated with some other male genetics. This means that your seeds that you are going to make, will only have 25% shared genetics with the True Green Crack itself. This can be good or bad however you want to take it. If you want true F1 Green Crack x White widow, you would have to first back cross your Green Crack a couple generations (a lot of work)...
    You can take what you are talking about as ((Green Crack) x (Unknown)) x (White Widow). This means you will express genetics from White Widow, Green Crack, and an unknown strain with unknown potential. You may stumble onto a gem.

    I hope this helps you seemed overwhelmed. SS
  6. GC is clone only i know alot of grower that grow this strain, and the seeds are not availble anywhere. but u could get lucky, if this person u got ur stash from, created green crack then they would have the male stock, so that will be posible, but most likely they will be all females.
    theres something i always wanted to try, take 2 females of dif kinds and force one to go hermy put them together, and the hermy will produce polen (with only female genes) and will pollinate ur other non hermy plant.
    plants go hermy with to much stress, they talk to eachother (yes they really do comunicate on some level) and say "this will be a bad winter with no males around one of use has to produce seeds to keep our line going"
    i dont know what kinda lingo plants use...
    so by doing this u could create a new strain that is feminized
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    but that would be awesome if u had a male, those clones could be valuable, and if u do make seeds, well, i would love to have some
    ps. GC produces a tremendous yield, i know a guy that pulled 1lb per plant hey had 3 little ones 2-3 ft tall.
    and another guy who pulled 9-10lb's per plant off GC they were 6-8 ft tall out door of course
  8. I work at a medi coop and we pull 5 - 10 lbs off our outdoor green crack. It is a great strain and it smells like mangoes, also very mold resistant.

    You can also just stress one female plant until it hermies (give it an irregular light cycle for a few weeks, easy as that) and collect the pollen from the hermie sacks. Then pollinate any female you wish... You have seeds that more likely are to become female. The plants don't have to "talk" to each other whatsoever.

    That is feminize crossing 101. Then you just have to stabilize. SS
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    they dont have to communicate, but that was an example of how they go hermy, u can force one, by spraying them down with certain chemicals. but if u were to do a light stress to force hermys they would most certainly communicate to each other
  10. Yeah old school Stamen-It is how we used to but to my knowledge they no longer produce it.... I think its ethylene-something but not really sure... We could make any female produce TONS of male flowers. It made crossing way too easy and think that's why they stopped making Stamen It. Too much gene hacking and destruction but whatever I'm ranting... Just regular pollination for me these days. Male x Female.

    Good luck buddy and hit up seedbay when the project is finished I'm sure those would fly out the door. Yours truly might even look into it. SS
  11. I was trying 2 find out how 2 make a 3 strain mix I c ppl have like WW x SSH x LH my understanding of Hybrids of a 2 strain cross (WW=female) x (SSH=male)= Widow Haze so do I take WW= f x SSH=male x LH=male take the 2 male pollen & put it on 2 the WW=f which will be a 3way cross :confused:
  12. Sorry but that just doesn't make any sense. You would usually cross two, then stabilize, then cross with the third. SS
  13. ^^This

    Crossing a strain again before it's stabilized will bring on some fucked up shit.
  14. That's why I said cross two (male x female) and STABILIZE and then cross with the third. God damn it read. SS
  15. My green crack went her my and pollinated my white widows. So I have seed of the cross.
  16. And seeds from my hermy as well.

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