Green xannies

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  1. How much mg's are these bad boys?
    Any info you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Im saying 3.

    if they arent 3, they are 2.

    But they sure as hell hit me harder than 2s
  3. Always heard they're 3.. they seem to have come around after I got out though cuz I've only heard of them and never seen them.
  4. They are NOT 3mg. They are 2mg. It says s 90 3 on it right?
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    they're 2, the only 3mg xannies are the yellow schoolbusses and a few other 3mg round XR pills which are extended release. i don't get why everyone gets so hyped up about 'GREEN MONSTERS' i've taken them multiple times, and the GG249 flatbacks hit me a lot harder. Are you taking about green BARS or a different type of green xannies?
  6. exactly my point. people were talking about 3s so i wanted to show what they look like.
  7. All he said about them were theyre 'Green Goblins'
  8. are is only 1 type of 3mg xanax. and its the XR which was linked above. if its not that pill its not 3mg period.
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    There are also different generics of the triangle 3mg XR that have different imprints, my roommate had some bluish green ones with a different imprint (can't remember it) but I googled it and it was 3mg XR alprazolam.

    But for the most part people sling 2mg green bars or "green monsters" as I've heard them called when they are around here. They're usually $4-$5 a piece though...pretty expensive. But they do indeed fuck you up. I heard they're mostly from the Houston area. The triangles were going for $7 or so a piece I think..too much.
  10. Guys there was already a huge debate about these 'GREEN MONSTERS' in pandoras box, find it and read up on it. God damn there's like 20 new threads a day on xanax, use the fucking search button. I'm an experienced Xanax user, i've been taking them for 3 years now on and off, and when I, and everyone else I know who have taken a lot of Xanax, took green goblins, they didn't hit any of us nearly as hard as the white GG249's do. Maybe if you never take xanax and you take a green bar for the first time you'll be like OH MY GOD THESE FUKED ME UP!1111 but in reality, they're shitty pills from either india or mexico, and they're not nearly the strongest type of bars so get your shit straight.
  11. are there such things are 5 mg green bars?

    some kid that hangs round my hookups house, said he had mass 5 mg bars, and took 2, he said he wont touch them anymore, and just wants the business.

    he used to be into pills xanax especially.

    im not sticking up for him i was just curious?
  12. No, i'm 100% sure there's no such thing.

  13. amen man--- you are right
  14. hmm,its weird since Ive moved here all i see are the green bars,i never see anything else.but there everywhere usually for 2-2.50$ a pop
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    All "bar" shaped xanax pills are 2mg.

    The only 3mg xanax is a triangular shaped, green pill. And it's extended release.

    A simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know.

  16. thats what i figured. stupid kid hahaha.

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