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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hash Nebula, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Yo

    What up grasscity fam. This is my second time writing this haha. So yea.

    Okay, so I've searched the Internet and nothing.
    It's kind of concerning.. I need some blades!

    ..the other day I bought a g of some oil.
    I wanted to dab. I get the stuff and it's like "butter" concentrate. But it's like mucus green. No joke. ARMY green.

    Anyone know why???? Is it bad??

    The quest is answering. Lol
  2. Sounds like there was a lot of chlorophyll in the concentrate from the extraction processed which could cause it to turn green possibly?

    Not 100% sure though
  3. That's what I've heard it could possibly be.

    Think it's dangerous?

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  4. I had some like that a few weeks ago, looks awful but sent me to space

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  5. Yeah depending on the extraction technique it sounds like they went to long and got more chlorophyll i n the batch. It's not dangerous or toxic

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  6. Thanks everyone.

    Yea I got more and it's not quite as green.

    Gets me lit haha

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