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green vegetable bags

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by mjgrow420, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Do you think those green vegetable bags would be good to use for curing and storing bud? I think the idea behind them is that they are supposed to let the ethylene gases out or absorb them or something to keep produce fresh. Any input?
  2. any takers on this one?
  3. anyone at all?
  4. Come on... somebody at least take a shot at this one. please.
  5. hmmm...u can give it a try and test it vs the same bud placed in a glass jar and report back.
  6. Glass is the only thing my buds go in.
  7. Consequently, these bags are most likely a petroleum-based plastic much like zip-locs. Petroleum is oil and so are your trichomes. This means the trichomes will adhere the bag and you will lose potency when touching. Plastic Bags are only used because they are cheap and convenient, when you have the space and money to use glass: do it.

    I would only ever cure in jars and I just looked up those bags (Debbie Meyer's Green bags) and the first website I clicked was a new site that reported there were no amazing differences between the bags and normal storage procedures. In fact, any plastic bag is porous and will allow the exchange of air.

  8. Good to know. Thanks for the info. I decided to just cure my buds in glass jars anyway... No sense in trying to change something that is tried and true. I see what you mean about the plastic and oil but I have used the bags for some peppers that were cut half open and they worked wonderfully for that. I checked on the peppers like two weeks later and it looked just like the day I put it in there... but eventually mold took hold of it and I had to throw it away.

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