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  1. Caution, might not want to read this until you've had your cheerios :p,

    Ok, I've never really noticed it before but towards the back of my tongue, like the back 1/4, a pretty light shade of green starts to develope during my heavy smokin periods. I brush my teeth, entire mouth, and tongue every day...gargle, the whole personal hygene thing. Even tried scrapping with a (sterile, but don't do this..the waggler gets sore...I know, I know:rolleyes:) knife...which comes back with some tongue slime which The concern is the breath. A couple of girlfriends say it isn't noticeable but their smokers too so it may not come across to them.

    Anyone notice this on themselves? Any suggestions to eliminate the problem....Other that cutting the waggler off or quiting? :yummy:

    Geeze, wonder how long people have been enduring my breath and not said anything???
  2. In my opinion... That's weird as fuck dude, i've never heard of that, and I've been around alot of tokers
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    I was watching cops one day a couple years ago and a cop actually got probably cause to search a guys car because his tongue was green which is apparently a sign of smoking weed.

    I had never heard of that before, but they ended up detaining him and bringing in the K-9 unit and they found a small baggie of weed. It was funny because he had literally just left the courthouse parking lot for a seat belt violation.

    But I had never heard of this green tongue thing 'till then. Better be careful.
  4. when i fucked a few vertebrates up, i got sick got like 7 cold sores on my lips, and my tounge turned white and my breath wreaked

    i dunno its very irrelevent to your post but yea.. :smoke:
  5. wtf did u give head to joolly green the green goblin or somthing?

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