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Green tea and thc

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Savier, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Hey I've heard that green tea helps to clean your system out from thc, is that true? And does drinking water just dilute or flush thc out of your body?
    Thanks and sorry if there was a post already like this
  2. Nothing eliminates all the thc in your fat except time and exercise.

    Green tea is a great anti oxidant and I recommend you drink it daily if your getting tested.

    Water wont flush out the THC, but the day of your test your going to want to keep drinking water until your basically pissing it right back out every ten minutes.
  3. somebody talking about me?
  4. ok thanks guys I'll start drinkng more green tea
  5. This brought me to another question.. Would drinking more acidic drinks help get thc out of my system faster?
  6. I heard it help's clear your lung's somewhat but that's about all.Beside's ofcourse what Bwood said.
  7. Green tea feels really good to drink while you smoke too, it soothes your throat and tastes great.
  8. No, go back to cleansing my mind, body, soul.
  9. I can't really tell you, but literally all i ever drink is green tea...so that's pretty cool.
  10. I doubt that your typical bag green tea has enough anti-oxidants to cleanse your system. Just like weed, the fresher and higher the quality is, the stronger it is. I only drink loose-leaf green tea, not only because the anti-oxidants are probably way higher, but also because the taste difference is night and day. I order mine from Adagio.

    I'm a bit of a tea connoisseur. :D
  11. We pcked up our green tea when my sister visited japan so all the writing and everything is in japanize

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