Green Smoke E-Cig

Discussion in 'General' started by Braves4590, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I'm saving up for one of these, they're expensive but I've heard great things about them. For those of you that are interested, the GS is a 2 piece design rather than 3 piece, meaning that the there's a fresh atomizer in every cartridge.

    So if anyone has one, do the flavors taste good? What would your overall rating be?
  2. a step in the right direction.

    Unfortunately I believe most cigarette smokers, as well as weed smokers, enjoy the actual SMOKE, the whole process of SMOKING, and not just sucking on a little device.

    And i can only imagine how many high school kids will keep smokin regular cigs cause they dont wanna look gay
  3. My cousin has one, I used to puff it when i smoked cigs. I know the come in low, medium, and high cartridges for the ammount of nicotein. The only two flavors I've tried is the green menthol cartriges and the normal tobbaco ones. The menthol pretty much tastes like your smoking a candy cane, and the tobacco well...tastes like tobbaco :rolleyes:.
  4. a vapor still comes out, its hard to tell the difference except the vapor isnt quite as milky

  5. Tastes and feels like smoke, its just warm water vapor gettin' blown through a fan and flavored like smoke.

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