Green sand in No til??

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by SickBoy13, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. So I notice no one here really uses greensand is there somthing I don't know bad about it? Besides the fact that it is long term?
    So from what I understand is greensand takes years to break down. But if I plan on running no til for years would this be a good use?
    I love the idea of greensand. Its exciting
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  2. It compliments kelp meal quite nicely and have used it in every mix for years.

    Doesn't get mentioned much because it's like rock dust, you add it once and fuggetaboutit.

    I now mainly add it to the worm bins just to give the breakdown a head start. I mean, you really don't notice much in effect till the following year or so. It is slow, but excellent for long term/recycled mixes.

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  3. Great man good to know thanks again!
  4. Most greensand comes from New Jersey, so it may not be that popular for folks over on the Left Coast, due to shipping (rocks across the country).
    I have used it initially in my mixes as wetdog says. I now use the free glacier rock dust from the neighborhood glacier creek.
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