Green rectangles next to your name.

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  1. Hey, I was just wondering what the green rectangles ment. I thought it was likes at first but then I discarded that theory. Is it time spent on the forum? Or maybe posts? I honestly have no idea. Thanks for the help ^.^
  2. Are you referring to the green squares? Those resemble rep, the more green bars the more positive rep, more red is more negative. Only a handful of users can give negative rep nowadays which is fine I guess. You start out getting dark green squares and after 5 or so you get light green ones. Once you get a light green square it actually matters when you +rep other people as they get points. In case you don't know, to add rep you click on the scale above their post and write why and viola.
  3. But wait, people have given me rep and i only have one..
  4. Like the guy above you said, if you don't have enough rep you can't give any.

    Or how many points do you have? You get a new dark green bar for every hundred, then a light green bar after every 200. When you have full rep every 500 more points the little saying changes when you hover over the rep bar until you get 10000 points then it says you've left a great legacy and you can ride off into the gc sunset
  5. You get a dark green square for every 100 points worth of rep you receive. I'm not sure what the increment is for the light green squares is, but more than 100 points worth.
  6. Oh..
    I have 4.
  7. Just keep posting intelligent and helpful stuff, and you'll see those green squares mount up!

  8. i get reps, but for 0 points?
  9. [quote name='"tommygunns42"']i get reps, but for 0 points?[/quote]

    Neutral rep

    Person needs more rep than they have to give green rep is all that means.

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