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Green Oil Machine clone

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bkarnaze, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Thanks for the link. This sounds like handy little gadget.
  2. Does anyone know where the Green Oil and Clone are being made from? Just wondering. thanks!
  3. Almost certainly china
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  4. Would it be a decent one? I've been looking for something like this for tincures and infusing and whatnot

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  5. Distillers are very simple devices.
    Boil and condense is all they need do.
    The chinese clone is probably just as good as GOM, or it might be identical (my guess).
    It can boil off 2 cups everclear 190 from tincture in less than 10 minutes.
    The danger is letting it run too long, which can scorch and ruin the remaining feco inside.
    After doing that to a couple of batches, I now shut it off before all the alcohol boils off.
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  6. Apologies for the ignorance, I simply decarb & use the dargon-lite style method of infusing the alcohol with the cannabis in the freezer.

    Does this simply evaporate excessive alcohol? I typically evaporate with a fan pointed at the tincture for ~6 hours for desired result. If I need it faster I’ll use the double boiler technique on my stove oven.
  7. Distillers allow us to reclaim almost all of the expensive everclear that we boil off when converting tincture to FECO, and allow us to do it very quickly.
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  8. Oh okay that's pretty handy. A bottle of 95% 'everclear' in Australian is $65 for 500ml, so i am very interested in this.
  9. Hold the phone. You can reclaim the alcohol using this device? I've, also, sadly never thought of just using a fan to reduce the tincture down... I'll keep that in my knowledge base when I find a better suited herb to tincture down
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  10. Would something like this work? bkarnaze is there a guide online for how to do this?
  11. This looks like the same thing I have, but without temperature control.
    Alcohol boils at about 173 F (80 C), and water at 212 F (100 C).
    This device would need to operate at around constant 230 F or so to be able to distill impure water.
    I run my GOM clone at 85 C, and still need to be careful about herb getting scorched, so scorching would be a greater danger at higher temperature.

    Although the distiller might operate at 230 F, the alcohol will never get above its boiling point, it will just boil faster. But that means that pressure could become an issue, possibly dangerously.

    But it will probably work fine if you keep careful track of how much volume goes in and how much comes out.
    When about 2/3 - 3/4 of the alcohol has been reclaimed, you'd need to turn it off and allow it to cool.
    If the device is opened before cooling, it will stink up your house as bad as decarb does. Maybe it should be turned off when boiling is vigorous, and then back on when boiling subsides, as seen from fluid outflow.

    I have made more than one sub-optimal batch in this thing because of scorching, so be careful. Effectively these devices are stove burners that catch alcohol fumes and condense them.
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  12. Holy reclaimed alcohol Batman, awesome thread and information as usual!!!
  13. I have this same machine. Do you decarb before you use it?
  14. Absolutely.
    Without decarb we get a non-psychoactive thc-a tincture.
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  15. That's what I thought. Thanks for the fast reply.
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  16. But after boiling off all the alcohol, supposedly it's possible to decarb FECO tar using bubble watching.
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  17. I bought one of these and am unsure on how to use the temperature settings to keep the fan going to actually reclaim the alcohol.

    All of the research I did said low and slow so I tried to keep it under 50 degrees Celsius. The problem with that was that the fan only kicked on every 5 minutes or so and only for about 10 seconds. So I didn't get a single drop of reclaimed alcohol.

    Can someone with experience help walk me through the proper higher temperature settings that I'm seemingly supposed to be using. I just want to make sure I don't degrade the oil by going too high.
  18. That's what I was thinking. I've been told to try to heat up the material as few times as possible, so there's no reason you can't decarb it at the proper temp in it's oil form while you're also heating to dissipate alcohol.

  19. 190 proof boils at about 80 C, so set distiller to 80-85 C. Write down how much liquid goes into the machine. When either 75% is reclaimed, or exit flow slows noticeably, turn off machine, or risk ruin. I have ruined batches. Don't open until it cools or your house will reek from fumes as bad as decarb. The goal is to have a small amount of fluid remaining when finished. Otherwise getting oil out is difficult.
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