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  1. Hi everyone I'm fairly 1518227051867.jpg new to all this so bare with me..

    I have just started my Green Ninja.
    I'll start by running through my set up.

    Seed: Heavyweights Green Ninja feminised
    Light:400w hps
    Medium:coco coir
    Pots:10ltr poly pot
    Nutrients: Growers ark root tonic, biobizz grow & bloom, epsom salt, canna pk 13/14

    She is above surface day 5 from Germination under 400w hps 24/7.
    I plan to veg her to feel the whole grow space using scrog.
  2. I’m doing my first run with a 400 also. Just flipped to flower today. Have been doing runs with a 150 and got just over 4 oz so I’m excited. I know I can at least tell you where I messed up and things I would’ve changed. Our grows are similar. My screen is .6x.9 Let me know if ya need anything. Veg time is key for a single plant scrog. I went almost 2 months but was using cfls as my new set up took forever to show up. Using MH could do in half the time. I def would go to a bigger pot eventually. Cheers and good luck! IMG_3256.JPG IMG_3257.JPG IMG_3258.JPG IMG_3259.JPG
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  3. in my experience alternating nodes is the first sign the plant is ready to flip....mature clones can get past this and give more control but seeds are on their own time.
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  4. Hi scooba!!
    Iv had amazing results from the 400w wouldn't use any less. I plan to see how she goes in the 10ltr if needed which I think she will I may transfer her to a 15ltr prior to flowing. She is thriving at the minute which make me smile
    Nice to no someone growing similar to me will deffo Holla if needed and feel free to do the same. Happy growing!!!!
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  5. Replied on my post. How r things?

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  6. Hello buddy.. Iv had couple problems with droopy leafs first it was top ones drooping solved that problem now it's the bottom ones lol it's a constant battle..
    Iv topped her aswell she is coming along ill get some pictures tomorrow.
  7. Couple photos they were taken thew days ago.
    1520020924224.jpg 1520020944135.jpg
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    Nice work. As far as the droopy leaves could be overwatered. How often ya doing that? Few more questions. Are you still on 24/7? If so I’d def switch to 20/4 or 18/6. How far away is light? Temps? Leaves look like they’re folding inward a lil bit. Could be a lil heat stress. Are you using nutes yet? I try to stay away until she’s recovered from topping. Let her recover a few days after top before starting training. And wait do pluck leaves til she’s healthy.
    I’m 3 weeks into flower now.
    IMG_3555.JPG IMG_3559.JPG
  9. Yes buddy did reply on your thread. (I think) lol
    I water every 3-4 days when the pot feels light but coco still slightly damp because I read that you shouldn't let coco coir dry out completely. My light is about 1 and half feet away from the plant as temps around 19c/20c I'm currently still running 24/7 because of the cold weather at the moment. As it's in the minuses. Nutrients I'm using bio bizz grow and root tonic at 1/4 strength also had one dose of epsom salt The leafs have canode a little but don't see how this would be heat stress as my light is a good distance I believe and temps are low.
  10. Yea I just saw u replied. Everything seems proper besides temps. Too low can cause the droopy leaves. I’ve been using a space heater outside tent at a set temp to solve low temps. I’d say no worry on canode as it could be a combination from the cold.

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  11. Just a little photo update 1520600242116.jpg
  12. I’d probably yank that leaf that’s not looking so well

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  13. Little update: she looks like she is getting there slowly. It's been 2 weeks since the last posted pictures.

    What do you guys think?? 1521828300925.jpg 1521828316802.jpg
  14. Just couple more photos I took today.

    1521963017761.jpg 1521963027630.jpg 1521963036226.jpg
  15. It’s looking good. Really filling out nice. Unsure if ur into defoliation but some could help that is blocking light to lower shoots. What size pot are you in? Looks like it could use more soil for roots. Even if it’s. 12-15l if it’s only half full it will be half. Even if it looks like 3/4 full the most quantity is at the top part of the pot.

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  16. Hiya scooba first of all thanks for your input really appreciate it.
    I have pulled a couple leafs off to allow light through more. I just hesitate a bit because i don't want to over do it lol (still learning)
    I have her in 15l pot with about 13ltr coco coir. I did notice couple roots on the surface so I will be topping her up a little..
  17. Well I got impatient and flipped the lights about 10 days ago. She is moving quite quickly now.
    1523292525080.jpg 1523292534915.png

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