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  1. years ago I did a science project for school, growing small flowers under different tinted lights. All I did was put them in separate boxes with identical flo lights above them and taped different colored foil paper over the plants. I used Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and None. I had 6 plants in each box in order to reduce the chance of having one bad seed ruining the experiment.

    Who would have thought that a HS science project would come back to help me later in life. My research showed that the plants with the Red and Blue filters had stunted growth. They grew smaller, but still bloomed at the same time as the others. The yellow and green filters seemed to grow better than all the other specimens, even the box with no filter. The plants with a green filter sprouted faster and grew thicker and healthier than the Yellow.

    Anyone ever consider trying this for growing our special friend? I'm currently gathering all my supplies to start, and was thinking about using this method. The filter paper I used can be bought at any sort of art supply store and looks like colored Saran plastic wrap.
  2. the plastic wrap would probley melt cause of the light wouldent it?
  3. yellow is a good colour.
    funny enough the suns yellow.
    the red and blue plants would of been stunted becuse the blue had to little red and the red had to little blue
    green light is not taken in by green leaf its reflected, thats why leaves look green.
    the plant under the green light would of just seen normal light but not as bright.
    plants under low light will compensate and try and make the best use of all light avalable by becoming darker and broadaning the leaves/bushing up depending on the plant in question (doubt it was mj)
    the poor performance of the unfilterd lit plants is strange.
    this could probably be explaind if the type of plant and its habits were known.

    personaly i have never thought about filtering out part of the light.
    i just throw everything i can at my plants and let them sort it out.

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